Handy Continues to Grow Worldwide

Handy, which was originally named Handybook, is a popular app for connecting people who are looking for home cleaning services professionals who have been pre-screened for top-quality. These professionals provide many services from home cleaning to in-home handyman services. This app is able to instantly match its thousands of global customers with trusted professionals in their cities. All transactions are made within the app, so money never has to exchange hands with the homeowner and the professional. This is a very easy and convenient way to book services for the home.

Handy was founded in 2012 by two business students who mutually found a void in the service industry. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua teamed up to develop a practical solution to finding trusted and effective professionals that are available for on the spot household services. Today, they employ over 200 people in 28 cities.

Beginning in October 2012, the founders of Handy raised 2 million dollars for their seed financing from professional businesses. By October of 2013, they had raised an additional 10 million dollars from not only their existing investors, but also a private investor. Handy was able to further grow their company at this time with the acquisition of Exec, which began its integration on the west coast.

To further globalize their brand, Handy acquired a London company called Mopp, and in June of 2015, Handy made the announcement that they had completed their one millionth booking through their app.

According to sohostrut.com, when it comes to customer retention, 80% of Handy’s bookings come from repeat business. When it comes to getting new business, word of mouth is a great tactic for them, because their current customers often pass their name onto other people who may benefit from the service.

The employees of Handy have the great benefit of making their own schedules. The company’s contract employees are able to value their flexibility in schedule, as most of them work under 10 hours per weeks. This means that they have time to have a full time job and be employed by Handy on the side to make extra money. http://pepinherstep.com/top-10-apps-to-simplify-a-working-moms-life/.