Live Laugh Love in Shared Office Space


Each generation grows and evolves in ways that might seem unorthodox to their older counterparts. Millennials have begun to shift towards new trends of co-working and co-living, which is a structured community based alternative that appeals to young professionals.

There were 781 reported co-working spaces in the U.S in 2013, as opposed to only one is 2005. Companies have continued to grow and expand like WeWork and Workbar. Small companies, independent contractors and working professionals rent or pay a fee for shared work space. Co-working startups make sure offices are clean and the printer is working properly, so that members can concentrate on their task.

New phenomena co-living has become more popular amongst millennials also. WeWork has expanded to opening a co-living facility called WeLive. More young work professionals are experimenting with the idea of group living, and is essentially similar to co-working. Startups lease apartments and rent out rooms to tenants. Individuals share restrooms, and kitchens. There are a variety of other beneficial services as well. There are authority figures in place to ensure safety and intercede when conflict arises.

Co-working and co-living encourages togetherness. It helps combat feelings of loneliness and isolation by working and living as a cohesive unit. Millennials embrace community, which is a totally different view point and dynamic that boomers prior experienced. There may be anxiety regarding living alone or not being as dependent, and co-living/co-working arrangements provide feelings of safety and security in case things do not work out as planned. Millennials embrace and encourage the idea of having a back-up or safety net.

This new trend may seem unconventional but will continue to grow as millennials grow more comfortable moving away from tradition.

Workville is a co-working space located in New York. The space includes: move-in ready offices, shared offices and open desk. Members have the ability to work in a friendly environment. Workville’s Manhattan offices for rent have the flexibility for members to have meetings, and comfortably take calls. Also members have access to a café and terraces. The office space can also serve as a venue for social and corporate events.
Prices for office space range from $45 per day to $4500 per month, depending on each members unique needs.