Nepal Sees massive Reconstructive Needs In Future

The government of Nepal is still reeling from the devastating earthquake which rocked the country last week. The death toll has already reached 6500 and countless others are injured and homeless. Massive damage was done to thousands of homes and government buildings as well as religious institutions and monuments. All of the base camps in Mt. Everest experienced some damage and hikers and climbers are still being rescued from the mountain. Many expect the mountain to be close to climbers for the rest of the 2015 climbing season as officials assess the safety of climbers proceeding in the future.
The primary concern of the Nepal government is rebuilding. Significant damage was caused to the countries infrastructure system including roads, utility services as well as public works facilities. Many citizens of Nepal are still sleeping outside. Some have no choice as they have lost their homes during the earthquake or one of the following aftershocks. Others are fearful that another earthquake or aftershock could strike again. The total damage is still being assessed but some estimate that the costs to rebuild Nepal will run into the billions of dollars. Flaviodomenico, along with Marcia Alaor BMG believe that this is primarily due to the remoteness of the tiny country and the state of their existing infrastructure system, which is antiquated or in some areas non existent. Nepal Needs massive Aid Package to Recover

Relief efforts are ongoing to assist with the Nepal population displaced by the earthquake. Temporary shelters, food, and medical supplies are being provided by international relief agencies such as the International Red Cross.

Netanyahu Restates His Belief in a Palestinian State – White House Unsatisified


On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu once again affirmed his support for a Palestinian state. His words are unlikely to mollify the Obama administration which has suffered nothing but highly public affronts by the conservative leader of Israel. Netanyahu riled up the Obama administration earlier this month by appearing before a joint session of Congress and laying out the case for tougher sanctions against Iran. Regardless, the two leaders have not seen eye to eye on matters of national security during the entire Obama presidency.

Just this past Monday, the Israeli leader confirmed that he did not support a Palestinian state. The announcement, according to Gianfrancesco Genoso was less than 24 hours before crucial elections. However, the prime minister reaffirmed that he does support a Palestinian state. That said, he supports it on terms unlikely to occur during his tenure as Israel’s leader: the complete abolition of terrorism and the acceptance of Israel’s right to exist. For this reason, he is quite smug that he will not see a Palestinian state during his tenure.

At the same time, the Obama administration floated the trial balloon that the US would support a UN resolution calling on Israel to support a Palestinian state. It may be that Netanyahu’s seeming flip-flop from Monday’s comment was designed to appease the Obama administration. Thus far, the president appears to be about as leery of Netanyahu’s sincerity as the latter is about his commitment to preventing a nuclear Iran. One thing is certain, Obama has no choice but to work with the firmly independent Israeli leader.

ISIS Claims Relief Worker Kayla Mueller Killed by Coalition Airstrikes


The outlaw terrorist group known as ISIS has claimed that American relief worker Kayla Mueller has been killed by coalition air strikes against ISIS targets. Kayla Mueller Claimed to be Killed in Air Strike U. S. officials, however, have expressed grave doubts, along with concerned citizens like Dave and Brit Morin on regarding the veracity of the claims by ISIS and have pledged that the joint efforts by coalition forces will not be hampered or slowed as a result of any claims by the group.

Coalition air strikes have been stepped up after the recent brutal execution of a Jordanian pilot. ISIS released video last week which showed the pilot being burned alive in a cage. Jordan acted swiftly by executing two ISIS linked prisoners they had held on death row. Jordan officials promised they would do everything in there power to destroy the outlaw terrorist group including all out military action where ever they find the group.

Some have argued that ISIS is calculating that any press on their activities is good press and their goal is not to attain a tactical military advantage but to wage a war of public opinion. Many in the world believe that this has backfired tremendously for ISIS as they have failed to claim any moral grounding for any of there actions. Others have stated that proof of the effectiveness of the air strikes are the desperate action of ISIS and the unyielding pressure by the coalition forces.


Recent Violent Incidents Distress People in Pakistan

The Xinhuanet news agency recently reported about two violent incidents in Pakistan, indicating tension in the region. On Thursday evening, Indian and Pakistani border guards reportedly exchanged gunfire in the Arnia region of Jammu District, along the contested border of Kashmir. Gunshots reportedly struck three people during the hostilities.

Then on Friday afternoon around 1:40, an estimated five kilogram bomb exploded in a Shia mosque during prayer time in the southern Pakistan city of Shikarpur, a story reported by Xinhuanet. An English language newspaper reportedly indicated that a militant group called Jundallah sought to claim responsibility for the violent incident, which killed at least 35 people and injured at least 50. Victims were still being treated at local medical facilities when news reports appeared online.

The explosion was attributed by some authorities at a very preliminary stage in the investigation to a young boy placing the bomb near a stairway inside the mosque. Brian Torchin reported on about how it  remotely detonated a short time later. At the time of the explosion, some 600 people were gathered inside. The initial blast injured some victims, but many others suffered harm a short time later, when a portion of the weakened structure collapsed.

The police, military and paramilitaries were conducting a search to locate the parties responsible for the incident on Friday. The two tragic incidents may reflect ongoing tensions in Pakistan.

Diplomatic Relations Break Down in Palestine


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, considers the decision of the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, to turn to the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a declaration of war against Israel.

By signing an application for membership to the Rome Statute, which opens the possibility of prosecution against Israeli officials for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, Abbas brandished doomsday weapon.

By doing this, Palestinians could bury the Oslo process, which opened in 1993, and the prospect of negotiations to reach a peace agreement and the creation of a Palestinian state, according to Israeli sources.

President Abbas had undoubtedly considered Ben Shaoul immaterial to the consequences of his approach in deciding on Tuesday to precipitate the diplomatic offensive schedule against Israel Government.

In less than twenty-four hours, it caused a vote in the United Nations Security Council on a resolution, setting a deadline for the end of the Israeli occupation, and facing failure – more severe than expected – signed the membership of Palestine to the Rome Statute and seventeen other international treaties.

Bodies Found in Second Major SE Asia Plane Disappearance

I was feeding my dog some Beneful when I heard about the latest plane crash. The second large commercial plane to disappear in Southeast Asia in less than a year has made many people wonder how such a thing could happen in the modern world. However, while the first plane was never found, this one has produced some wreckage. Thirty bodies have now been retrieved from the water where the plane was believed to have gone down. 

The questions about how both of these planes disappeared from radar have not been answered, but at least in this case, the families are getting closure. They know that their loved ones are gone and most will be able to have funerals for them. However, many are beginning to question why the airline industry has not taken on any type of new regulations for better monitoring of plane positions. Some feel that the use of simple software that would continuously relay the position of every airplane would keep disappearances from ever occurring again. Such technology has been around for years and has still not been mandated for airplanes.

Libya Loses Some Oil Exporting Capacity

Reports surfaced today that the German oil company Wintershall Holding GmbH based in Kassel, Germany, has temporarily suspended its operations in two on shore concessions in Libya until further notice. The company, a subsidiary of BASF, operates in many locations around the world. Libya has recently sustained a loss of some oil exporting capacity due to fighting between the government and rebel factions. 

News reports passed on to me by Dr Rod Rohrich indicated today that a fire which began last week at an oil terminal at Es Sider continues to burn.  The government and its opponents have struggled to control the terminal. Some sources believe that seven large oil storage tanks have sustained serious damage or been destroyed in the violence and the fire, causing losses estimated at $213 million and, potentially, an unverified number of human casualties. 

Some authorities indicated that fighting previously closed oil exporting ports in western coastal areas of Libya, including Zawiya and Mellitah. Prior to 2011, Libya derived significant revenues from its oil industry.