Cuba Isn’t A Terrorist State Anymore

For years, Cuba was an enemy of the United States. Boraie Development said the small country that sits just 90 miles off the coast of Florida was considered a terrorist state. Cuba never attempted to commit any terrorists acts against America, although there were rumors that Cuba’s leader, Fidel Castro, played a role in the assignation of John F. Kennedy. Some Americans say not being able to smoke a Cuban cigar was an act of torture not terror, but that terror was self-inflicted by our government.

Full diplomatic relations have been restored, and that means embassies will be opened, and ambassadors will return to Havana and Washington. Cuba has always been a thorn in America’s side. When Cuba decided to adopt the political views of Russia, the US knew the Cold War could turn into a major war without much warning. A war with Cuba and Russia could have changed the American way of life back in the 1960s. The US demanded a Russians withdrawal from Cuba, and that gradually happened.

Normalizing relations with Cuba is a good thing. Cuba has never been a terrorist state. It has just been a state that refused to cater to US Demands.