Life and Career Accomplishments of Bernardo Chua

When it comes to the wellness and health industry, Bernardo Chua has risen to be one of the most respected leaders. He has been in the industry for over a decade and is currently involved with a company called the Organo Gold as the chief executive officer and the founder. This is a company that specializes in products that use mushroom as a raw product to produce a substance called Ganoderma Lucidum.

This is a product from Asian medicine that has healing properties. He has had remarkable success with this company as the company was ranked position 55 in the largest pharmaceutical companies in Asia by Direct Selling News.

PR Newswire believes that to become the businessman he is today, Bernado Chua has been mentored by Leow Soon Seng who is well known as the chief executive and founder of a company called Gano Excel Malaysia. The two have had a good relationship as they are the faces behind Gano Excel Philippines having established the firm in the year 1999.

This was followed by a quick expansion of the company within three years to several nations such as Canada, Hong Kong, and the United States. Bernardo Chua was later appointed as the president of Gano Excel USA following the three years of success. This was back in the year 2003.

Five years later, Bernardo Chua established a new company called Organo Gold. As of today, he has managed to expand the company to six continents and has a presence in more than 35 countries. His latest penetration is the Singapore market that is one of the most competitive market that deals with his products and he has recorded significant progress.

During these years, he has managed to accumulate a wealth of skills that include networking, marketing as well as management, leadership, and entrepreneurship among others.

He can speak fluently in two languages that include Filipino and English. To keep in touch with his followers, he maintains a social media presence with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He constantly posts about new products on this accounts. Some of the awards that he has won over the years include Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry.

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