NGP VAN: A Refreshingly Progressive Technology Provider

NGP VAN, a stalwart contributor to the Democratic community, is a tech-savvy company with strengths in fundraising, organizing, and social media. Most prominently, they foster Democratic movements via integrated platforms. NGP VAN’s eminence is so vast that they’ve crafted, promoted, and managed campaigns for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. What’s more, the primary organizations with which they work include progressive enterprises, labor unions, local governments, and non-partisan PACs. In essence, NGP VAN serves as the backbone for Democratic developments, aiding in voter accuracy and engagement while honing in on political leanings.

As a progressive industry, NGP VAN aims to remain on the cutting edge of innovation. With that said, their software is state-of-the-art and purpose-driven. In other words, it collects information on a candidate’s voter base, in turn formulating campaigns that appeal to said voters. This approach strives to streamline the marketing process while delivering solutions that’ll resonate with the intended and appropriate audience. According to NGP VAN, observing, noting, and acting on voter inclinations bodes well for a favorable outcome. Though this mindset is far from groundbreaking, it takes a certain amount of expertise to gauge preferences and adequately cater to them.

Fortunately, NGP VAN does so with ease. The MiniVAN app is among the most useful tools the company’s devised. This mobile-friendly utensil intends to do away with cumbersome door-to-door strategies by making canvassing a convenient and paperless process. In essence, smartphone users merely download the app and log their voter information. From there, the app digests and compiles the data, promptly sending it to the user who requested the information. More recently, NGP VAN incorporated a feature that allows volunteers and organizers to garner information from rally-goers. The MiniVAN app, by and large, makes for a seamless data collection process.

Given their nondiscriminatory outlooks, NGP VAN recognizes the importance of inclusion. With that said, they make the LGBTQ community a primary component of their data collecting services. As an attempt to cater to everyone, NGP VAN included non-binary pronouns to their contact records. Reason being, NGP VAN wishes to uphold the sanctity of impartiality. In fact, the company’s involvement in the A Day Without Women movement only further highlights their commitment to maintaining equal opportunity.