Solo Capital is an international company that is based in the United Kingdom and specializes in proprietary trading and consulting and professional investment in sports. Solo capital the UK, as it IS commonly referred to was incorporated in the year 2011. This is a financial investment firm and all matters that deal with finances can be sorted from solo Capital UK. The company was able to end the 2015 financial year with a net worth of 15.45 million Euros and an asset total of 67.45 million Euros. This can look as being a great achievement considering the fact that the company was only four years old by then.
Solo Capital is headed by Sanjay Shah, who had earlier worked for different banks. He is the head of solo Group Holdings, which manages Solo Capital Partners. Sanjay Shah owns many other different companies including Aesa. The other companies owned Sanjay Shah are the British Virgin Islands and Dubai, all of which are found in Europe. The list of the companies owned by Shah does not end there. There are more organizations under his ownership and are all running financial investment services. Solo capital has been able to give assistance to many sports investors regarding investment advice. Solo capital is dedicated to giving its clients the services they need in the broad financial investment sector.
Sanjay Shah first studied medicine as his initial career. He later found out that he could not proceed as a doctor and, therefore, switched into the financial investment where he operates currently. After ditching medicine, he worked in several banks until 2009 when the economic tides affected many banks and economies. This affected his work as an employee, and the redundancy forced him to quit being employed. He after that started his company. Working in the brokerage sector as manager in his company would prove easy to Shah after having worked for different financial corporations.
Shah is also known for running an autism awareness campaign. This has been done through his organization that goes by the name Autism Rocks. Shah has been making donations to help children in India before starting the autism awareness campaign. It was until his son was diagnosed with the diseases that he thought of running a worldwide campaign on autism. Sanjay Shah spent 100,000 US dollars in 2015 to come up with the AUTISM rocks domain name. He has worked with artists in this campaign which seeks to raise money for autism. Snoop Doggy, Drake, and Lenny are among the many musicians that have taken part in the autism concerts. Solo Capital continues to witness earn good growth and the good deeds of Sanjay Shah also continue to surface each and every day.

HIV Has Met Its Match

Since its discovery in the late 1900s, the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, has taken the lives of millions of people. There are thousands of different strands of the virus and there is still a lot that needs to be discovered about the life threatening disease.

Science has gotten close to solving it, but the disease seems to be one step ahead. Like many forms of cancer, the virus can mutate itself in order to fight off drugs that would once cause it to die off. Recently, doctors working in the HIV field asked themselves, instead of trying to kill the disease, why not starve it to death? Starving a disease to death seems like a far off solution. In hindsight, it is the most brilliant way to look at it. The disease can come under attack from drugs but as long as it is still in the body and it still has a food source, it can still grow back and thrive. If the disease does that long enough it will eventually grow to fight against the medicine. Science knows that the virus can thrive in a CD4+ TCell and only needs that cell to survive.

Daniel Amen says that Doctors are trying to come up with a way to kill the cells and eventually starve the disease. While some scientists are extremely optimistic, there are a few who are worried about how the body will react without the CD4+ TCell. Getting rid of a cell’s existence has never been attempted and therefore, side effects could be deadly or cause more harm to the immune system. When HIV patients were informed of the future science there was a collect sense of relief. Even attempting to kill the cell with the virus is better than living with it.