Austin’s Highly Skilled Plastic Surgeon & Med Spas Owner Dr. Jennifer Walden

Exactly who is the Texan native and University of Texas grad that numerous people speak of in the Austin area? That person will be none other than Dr. Jennifer Walden. A board-certified plastic surgeon with an emphasis in cosmetic surgery. Dr Jennifer Walden dedicates herself to providing the highest standard of services to her clientele. In addition; Dr. Jennifer Walden has the honor of being able to work at several hospitals which includes Seton Hospital and Westlake Medical Center. While at Westlake Medical Center she works in a specific department call The Vaginal Rejuvenation Center of Austin. In this department Dr. Jennifer Walden offer noninvasive vaginal health devices along with sexual health and wellness for both her female and male cliente. This is what lead her being featured in Harper Bazaar Magazine as one of the nations “24 Best Beauty Surgeons In The United States”.

With all the skills and experience that Dr. Jennifer Walden offers you can see why so many people admire her. On her website you can see numerous positive comments of Dr. Jennifer Walden. One of her customers is so happy that she wishes she could give Dr. Jennifer ten stars instead of five for her successful botox treatment she received on August 23, 2019. Another Dr Jennifer Walden Review posted a day earlier than the last review on August 22, 2019 commend her Plastic Surgeon Spa on their excellent customer service while also stating she will only trust Dr Jennifer Walden to do her fillers. Out of over 1026 Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews surprisingly cannot find a review with less than four out of five stars. The only major constructive critic I could find out of over the 1000 positive Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews was from a client that visited her back in April, 27, 2017 who still gave her four out five stars. This client did admit it was mostly due to a simple miscommunication and her surgery overall went good. Anybody whose inquiring about cosmetic surgery and resides close to Austin Texas I definitely recommend you to check out Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Why the World Will Still Echo Dr. Saad Saad’s Name for Many Years

Any pediatric surgeon is happy when they work at a place where their patients get fulfillment from the services they offer. Some pediatric surgeons are happier when they interact with patients who got their life and happened back from the services they received from them. However, no greater joy would a surgeon receive other than when they become personal specialists to a royal family such as the Saudi Royal. If you asked Dr. Saad Saad what it means to interact with the Saudi Royal on medical appointments, he would explain it better. Saad became the Saudi Royal’s pediatric surgeon in the 1980s. The opportunity came his way since he was fluent in English and Arabic. He also got the rare chance because he was the only pediatric surgeon who was board-certified at that time.


This positive adventure at Riyadh Saudi city lasted for close to five years. He stayed in this city with his family and offered exceptional medical services. The New Jersey pediatric surgeon qualified for the prestigious offer. His education and how he was brought up contributed to the great person he became. He was born among other seven siblings in Palestine, and he was brought up in Kuwait. Despite the humble beginnings of his family, Dr. Saad Saad and his seven siblings succeeded in life. One of his siblings became a teacher, and two of them pursued engineering up to the master’s degree level. Two of Saad’s siblings attained PhDs, while three of them including Saad became surgeons.


Dr. Saad went to Cairo University, an Egyptian university, for his medical degree. He graduated with medical degree honors in 1971, taking the second position in his class. He went to England for his internship program. He then immigrated to the US in 1973 where he did his Pediatric Surgery residency. Although getting board certification in pediatric surgery in the United States is not easy, Dr. Saad Saad found it a walk in the park. Some of the board-certification conditions include excelling in a rigorous exam that comes after ten years, having continuous surgical practice, and going through special training.


The King Specialist Hospital will always appreciate Dr. Saad’s efforts for the respected pediatric surgeon he was there. The hospital chief and Protocol Office could call in Saad to come and perform both the complex and simple surgeries. He performed a surgical procedure to a baby who had been diagnosed with an aneurysm. He saved the baby’s life, and also used the event to educate the world on how to approach such a medical case. Dr. Saad Saad’s opinions on whether to fly patients abroad or operate them in the hospital were never taken lightly. As a hard-working, honest, and kind pediatric surgeon, Saad treated all children without considering their religion, financial status, mental abilities, color, and physical abilities. Learn more: