Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics Invents ADCETRIS for the Treatment of Lymphoma


Genetics study is the analysis of genes and genetic variation in humans. Genetics study is a field of biology that intercepts the understanding of trait inheritance in living organisms. In the medical field, genetics study seeks to disseminate information on the chances of an individual inheriting a disease from family because of the actual history. Scientists and researchers use genetics research to bridge the gap between diseases and treatment in relation to the family. Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics has made a name for himself since founding the company that focuses on genetics study and variation of human traits in relation to the treatment available.


Career and Education


Serving as the head cheerleader of the company, Clay Siegall is an alumnus of The University of Maryland. He majored in genetics and zoology. Clay’s academic credentials put him in a good position to handle Seattle Genetics. Under Clay’s leadership, the biotech company has specialized in developing target therapy drugs. These drugs offer treatment to various diseases. Since the establishment of Seattle Genetics in 1998, Clay Siegall has led Seattle Genetics to the peak of developing the first therapy drug to receive an FDA approval.




The antibody drug conjugate has multiple approvals in several countries. With that in place, there are high chances of Seattle Genetics developing a drug pipeline of over twenty treatment options through partnerships with drug manufacturers and investors. Recently, Clay Siegall announced a new development in the cancer department under Seattle Genetics. The news featured ADCETRIS as a success story. The lead program of the company was based on this research finding. ADCETRIS is the world’s first class ADC. Through this drug, Seattle Genetics partnered with Takeda Pharmaceuticals to distribute treatment across over 65 countries.




In a bid to expand the services of ADCETRIS, Seattle Genetics conducted a clinical trial program to evaluate the effectiveness of the drug conjugate. ADCETRIS is an antibody thought to provide treatment for lymphoma, mature T- cell lymphomas and Hodgkin lymphoma. Under the partnership with Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Seattle Genetics has a broad market niche for commercializing ADCETRIS in Canada and the United States of America.