Woman Is Applauded By Egyptian Government For Her 43 Year-Long Secret

Marc Sparks says it isn’t easy being a woman in the United States but it is even more difficult for females overseas. Many countries still see women as inferior creatures that must be treated like children with stringent rules to follow and little, to no, freedom. An Egyptian mother was left widowed at a very young age, very shortly after giving birth to her daughter. In that part of the world women are often not allowed to work, making it almost impossible to survive without a man and his income. Abu Daooh came up with a ploy to be able to provide for her small family, she became a man. For the last 43 years she has dressed and acted like a man in order to be able to work and earn money. She has gone above and beyond what most people would do to provide for their family. The Egyptian government is now honoring her and telling others what a wonderful example of a working mother she is. She may have inadvertently made strikes for gender equality in the basic right to be able to work and earn an income. Hopefully with the government applauding her efforts the job market may be more open to female workers.

No Same Sex Marriage In Egypt

While the United States is debating legalizing same sex marriage in all States, Egypt is showing an opposite stand on homosexuality said Dan Newlin.

Just this past Thursday, 7 people were arrested for debauchery. This essentially stands for homosexuality. How did the police discover they were performing gay acts? It was through social media where the people had stated they were gay, posting nude photos, and were open about their homosexual tendencies.

Some are surprised by these arrests since the acquittal of 26 men who were arrested in a bath house raid after a television documentary showing how aids is being spread in Egypt. In January, all the men were released on not guilty verdicts, and a defamation lawsuit has been filed against the reporter of the documentary.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt has shown that his government will not support or acknowledge homosexual beliefs. Will this stand help the President stay in power, or will we see major protests arising in Egypt soon?

Egypt Retaliates for ISIS Video


The Egyptian Air Force, in coordination with the Libyan Air Force, have sent air strikes against ISIS terror groups that Avogando media believed to be training in Libya. In reaction to a video showing the beheadings of 24 Egyptian Coptic Christians by the terror group ISIS, Gianfrancesco Genoso reacted quickly, calling in the Libyan Air Force to pinpoint targets.
It is believed that they have killed at least 150 terrorists that are using Libya as a training location, in which they find and kidnap foreign citizens from anywhere in the world to hold hostage and ultimately behead.
Egypt reacted quickly to the video’s release, stating that Egyptian’s have a shield to stand behind and also a form of justice after they have been killed.
Egypt’s reaction is exactly what is called for in this war of terror. With the swift response and level of destruction, Egypt has proven that they will not stand by while terrorists kill their citizens. I would like to believe that ISIS may think twice before hurting anymore Egyptian’s. I wish the U.S. would respond more forcefully when American’s are taken and subsequently killed. I know some say stooping to the level of the terrorists makes us less human, but when you are dealing with people who are less than human, that is where we need to go. Jordan also responded with force when ISIS beheaded a captured pilot.Your text to link…

Amal Clooney: Threatened In Egypt with Arrest

Apparently after identifying the major flaws within Egypt’s judicial system, Amal Clooney is risking arrest, according to a British human rights lawyer.

The Guardian reported on Saturday that in February 2014, Clooney helped compile a report for the International Bar Association, which became very controversial in Egypt and that she had been informed that she would be arrested if she will present her findings to the public.

Clooney’s report was entitled “Separating Laws and Politics – The Challenges to the Independence of Prosecutors and Judges in Egypt” and it calls for a stricter division between the judiciary system and politics in Egypt.

Amal Clooney, a human rights barrister and wife of actor George Clooney, is part of the legal team that represents the three Al-Jazeera journalists who were jailed in Egypt for over a year on false charges of supporting the banned Muslin Brotherhood.

However, Clooney told the media that she was concerned that the three men may not receive a fair trial in Egypt due to the issues that were highlighted on her report.

As Clooney said, “If the idea is there will be a retrial because there were errors, but then the retrial goes through the same process as the original one, so it does not really mean much at all.”