New CFO At Agera Energy Sees A Bright Future

Mark Linzenbold was hired recently by Agera Energy to take over their financial department and since taking on this new role, he has been putting many changes into effect at the company. His past experience has shown him that in order for more customers to be able to afford their monthly electric and natural gas services, budget plans are important. With so many people living on fixed incomes today, it is difficult for them to pay their bills during periods of high usage. A budget plan allows them to pay the same low monthly cost without worrying about getting a much higher bill some months. Mark is using his new position to bring this budget plan to more of their customers around the country. Watch this video on

Agera Energy hired Mark as their Chief Financial Officer several months ago because of his experience in the energy field and his knowledge of financing. Together, they believe that they can make all energy costs more reasonable and offer alternative ways of getting their energy easier. One of their programs is called Pure Wind and this has become very popular with customers living in the areas this program serves. Agera Energy is hoping to bring it to more of their customers in the near future. The program uses the power that is created by wind turbines and turns it into usable electric for their homes and businesses. Read more about Agera Energy on

Mark Linzenbold believes that if the company increases this program nationwide, they will increase their customer base substantially. He feels that more people want to create a better living environment and get away from using the fossil fuels that are currently being used. With this program, Agera Energy is reducing the carbon footprint of users and still bringing the quality of service to their customers that they always have. Their customers appreciate the lengths that Agera Energy has been going to to bring these alternatives to them.

For detailed information on any of the programs that Agera Energy has in place, you can visit their website. There you will find what you need to know to open an account with them.