Dumpster Food Helps Feed Masses of Hungry in the UK

People around the world go hungry every day, yet food is wasted at a rate of one billion tons every year. The cause of food waste is the fault of governmental regulations that require food stores to throw away any item that is past the “sell by” date but prior to the actual expiration date. That is the case in places like the United Kingdom. Some people are fighting back against that rule in order to feed those who are in need.

The Real Junk Food Project is based in the UK and it has raised a bit of controversy. The group visits the dumpsters of many area supermarkets to take out food that is still edible in order to feed those who are hungry. They have a restaurant called the Pay as you Feel Café. The idea is to prepare meals from the leftover food and feed the masses of people who would otherwise go hungry. The people who frequent the restaurant pay as much as they can to help the restaurant thrive. Those who cannot pay often offer to wash dishes to earn their way.

This restaurant is very similar to a restaurant in the United States that was started by a famous rock star. His name isJon Bon Jovi and the restaurant is in his hometown in New Jersey. Dr. Rod Rohrich says the food from the Bon Jovi restaurant is not taken from dumpsters, but it runs on the principal that people pay a small amount for the meal.