OSI and Incredible Foods – A Partnership of The Future

They say opposites attract and it may be true. At least that seems to be the case of the new partnership between the OSI group, the original producer of the McDonalds hamburger patty, and impossible Foods, the creator of the meatless hamburger patty. The two companies will partner to produce and distribute the Incredible Meatless Patty, a food product made by Incredible Foods. Meatless hamburger patties have grown in popularity in recent years. This may be due to the high obesity rate, or because of the need for more environmentally friendly practices.

Whatever the reason, the fact is that Impossible Foods is no longer able to meet the production needs for the Incredible Meatless Hamburger Patty. In fact, this year the company reported shortages in production. It has maxed out its production capability in its California facility and cannot produce enough meatless products to meet consumer demands. As such, Incredible Foods needed to find a production and distribution solution.  After much deliberation, Incredible Foods has decided to partner with the OSI group. This seems an unlikely match as OSI began as a small butcher shop in Chicago in the early 1900s.

Not only that, but OSI also supplies McDonalds with the all beef patty. Even so, the OSI group was the logical choice as it is the largest food distributor in the world. OSI also has the production facilities to meet the consumers needs for the meatless protein-based food. Even so, a major concern Incredible Food had with this partnership idea was that OSI not use meat production machines to make the meatless product. As part of the deal OSI has agreed to use a separate production area for the meatless products. Both the OSI group and incredible Foods believe this partnership will solve the current shortage of meatless food products and help both companies expand in the future.

OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin Recognized For His Leadership by India’s Vision World Academy

The very mention of Sheldon Lavin is enough to bring OSI Group to the mind of those who have ever been associated with the meat and food processing industry, or those who have worked in a fast food chain such as McDonald’s.

It’s because Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of OSI Group, which is a highly renowned entity in the meat and food processing industry. Whether you have eaten at a McDonald’s or have delved into a processed meat product, chances are that the meat you bit into came from OSI Group.

OSI Group currently holds its operations through more than 60 locations in 17 countries. With various meat processing facilities spread throughout the world, the company is currently one of the leaders in its sector.

But OSI Group was not always as formidable as it currently is. In fact, the company started off as a small butcher operation before it took the commercial route and went on to first become a domestic supplier of meat to McDonald’s in its earliest days, and then transformed into its current form as an international corporation.

It had all been due to the leadership skills that Sheldon Lavin exhibited after he joined the company back in the 1970s.

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When Lavin became a part of OSI Group, which was formerly known as Otto & Sons, the finance expert ensured that the company was able to seek advantage of technological innovations in its industry to have more efficient yet quality processes in place.

Through his focus on growth and innovation, Sheldon Lavin was able to put OSI Group on the road to consistent success. With one win after another, the company was eventually able to reach its current stature.

That’s why, it didn’t come as a shock when Sheldon Lavin received the prestigious Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. Recognizing those entities that achieve their goals through dedication and perseverance, the award seems like a fitting tribute to the CEO of one of the largest meat and food processing companies.

With the award in place, Lavin continues to serve his role of CEO and chairman of OSI Group. He has been focusing on making sure that the company now consistently walks the path of sustainable operations in the light of the current state of the environment.

Learn More: https://about.me/sheldonlavin

How OSI Group and McDonald are Making Customers Proud

Companies are having a complicated time when handling the modern consumer. The modern client wants to be involved in the processing and manufacturing of the products they eat. Each ingredient that goes into a product is carefully selected so that the customer doesn’t have a chance to complain. McDonald foods are recognized by many mostly because of their unique features. The hamburgers from the organization always taste heavenly, even after they have been stored for a long time. The institution has invested so much in the processing of the food, making sure that its suppliers are doing the right job all the time so that the customers are never disappointed. McDonald has been made popular, however, by one of its suppliers, OSI Group.

The meat processing company makes sure that it only offers McDonald excellent meat so that the end product is the best for consumers. For a company to thrive in the food market, it has to get the secrets of the competitive market. With giant companies ruling the food industry for a very long time, new companies are being forced to take the right measures. The government has set many regulations to ensure that its citizens are not given the wrong products by their customers. McDonalds has never failed to meet all the government and customer demands. From the selection of the ingredients to the processing in the factory, the company ensures that consumers have all the reasons to smile because they get the best.

OSI Group has never failed in its duty to supply only the best to its customers too. The organization is operated by personalities who are experts in the meat industry, and they select the animals they slaughter for the sake of the customers. In the factory processing, meat or any other food item needs to be handled with so much care. McDonalds has health experts who take all the right measures to avoid contamination of the food from any sources. The workers have to remain extremely clean and healthy so that they can be allowed to work and help in processing the food products that are delivered to the customers.

The Global Success of OSI Industries

German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky founded a small butcher shop and meat market in Chicago in 1909. Almost two decades of success and moving his operation to another suburb of Chicago, he renamed his small company Otto & Son’s. Otto and his sons, Arthur and Harry, worked hard for years building their reputation before the end of World War II. Meanwhile, in San Bernardino, California, McDonald’s was growing just as quickly. Ray Kroc was a franchise agent for McDonald’s when he approached Otto & Son’s.

Arthur and Harry worked closely with Ray Kroc as the first beef supplier for the new restaurant in Des Plaines, Iowa when it opened in 1955. From there, the two companies grew side by side. Kroc soon bought the franchise and worked to keep growth steady, as did Otto & Son’s. In the late 1960’s, flash freezing became vital to their success, throwing Otto & Son’s into the top four suppliers to McDonald’s nationwide. In 1973, any operations not involved in supplying McDonald’s were combined under the Glenmark brand. Finally, in 1975, OSI Industries was born from the nearly 75 year old family shop.

OSI Industries brought Sheldon Lavin on as a partner after working with the company as an investment consultant for five years. Under Lavin’s hand, OSI Industries expanded nationally during the 1970’s and 1980’s, working in tandem with McDonald’s. From the late 70’s on, both companies moved on toward Europe, starting in Germany. At the same time, Lavin became the CEO of the growing company. Due to Lavin’s expertise, OSI expanded globally. There were soon ventures in Taiwan, India, Australia, and Japan from 1987 on. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

In 1996, their plant in Oakland, Iowa began processing pork products. The early 2000’s saw expansion into poultry production starting from the 1996 acquisition of Moy Park, a UK company. Then in 2014, OSI Industries branched into a joint venture with EDEKA, a grocery chain popular in most of Europe. Due to their sprawling empire, a new trade platform was established. Based in Germany, MPO Global Trade focused on OSI’s poultry ventures in Brazil and Thailand. Somehow, this expansive company has also developed a very successful global Research and Development department and focuses on their environmental impact. After all they do, OSI industries still works with local charities.


Beautiful Dogs Eat Beneful (And You Know Your Dog’s a Beauty!)

Where to begin the story of Beneful Food for Dogs? How about with the people who make the product, many of them grew up on farms and dealing with livestock. Most have pets, even today and feed their dogs Beneful. Bringing a quality product to the public is important to them and they follow through with a ‘Kitchen Concept’. Kitchen concept is when the production area is kept as clean as a home kitchen. It is with pride they tell you of the fresh ingredients.

Beneful has a team of nutritionists that makes sure your dog is cared for from the inside out. The focus by this group of professionals is for dogs to have a long, healthy life. On the original beef or chicken or salmon bags respectively, you find ingredients like beef or chicken or salmon and real vegetables like spinach, green beans, sweet potato, tomato, avocado, carrots and peas. From the smallest to the biggest dog is cared for and about. To keep it fresh, the team follows a motto of ‘ship it where you produce it’. The dry food, wet foods and snacks are all shipped direct to your store.

Purina is a name America continues to trust and they use many of the strictest standards in the country. From farm to store the ingredients are monitored. The product safety and standards start with our suppliers and carry to the plant. A tracking system follows every ingredient from the time it enters the production facility, until it leaves on the truck. Professionals are on hand to test the grain aflatoxins, mycotoxin, lead, arsenic or any other contaminants and make sure the quality is high.

The Assoc. of American Feed Control Officials, though not a government organization, it highly respected and is charged to regulate the sale and distribution of animal feeds by many state and federal agenciges. All Beneful formulas are 100% nutritionally balanced for each stage of a dog’s life according to Assoc. of American Feed Control Officials. Even the pickiest of pooches love to eat Beneful.

One of the most common statments by pet parents, is how nice the dogs coat becomes after eating Beneful for a while, all soft and shiny. Another comment pet parents often make is how their animals have more energy. Even the packaging was made with a pet parent in mind, resalable bags and containers with lids, thankfully the Beneful people realized storage can be an issue to keeping the product fresh. Try Beneful- Your dog will thank you for it!

What Kind of Wine Pairs With Artichokes?

If you are wondering such a thing, the key to pair wine with artichokes is to choose a wine that is bone dry, light and crisp, with high acidity and no oak. Although the two have been notoriously difficult to pair, Sarah Knoefler whom oversees a wine collection in San Francisco may have found some wines that go well with artichokes. Other wines that go well with different foods may be found here.

Flavors that dwell within the artichoke are herbal, green, and bitter chalkiness. Mrs. Knoefler included that one wine which pairs great with Artichokes would be a Basque varietal, named Txakoli. This Txakoli is a sparkling white wine which happens to be very dry with high acidity which also contains a great deal of minerality and salinity, making it a good match with the artichokes.

Other wines which could pair with an artichoke salad would be Fino Sherry which is a very dry and pale wine. The minerality and salinity pair well together with the earthiness of the artichokes and the vegetable-like quality of the salad. All in all, if you are looking to pair the two, they are not polar opposites, as all you have to do is choose a wine that is bone dry with good acidity and no oak! This is something Matt Landis and others suggest.