Alexis Kennedy and Fascinating Electronic Games

Alexis Kennedy is one of the individuals who helped establish the Weather Factory. He in the past set up Failbetter Games as well. He did this in the beginning of 2010. Alexis Kennedy put together all sorts of offerings including Fallen London. Once he did that, he took the time to set up the aforementioned Weather Factory, a studio. It’s situated in London in the United Kingdom. He did this with the cooperation of Lottie Bevan back in 2016.

Developing independent games is all in a day’s work for Alexis Kennedy. He used to have a position as a software consultant. He decided to get a breather from that job that lasted for half a year or so. His reasoning behind doing this was simple. He was on the verge of fatherhood. He realized then and there that he would not have any other opportunities to exit the software consulting realm. Things were totally fine in the end. Despite that, he didn’t secure any compensation for 12 full months. Disaster practically struck on two separate occasions as well. He doesn’t suggest that anyone else emulate this route at all.

His existence at this moment is pretty straightforward overall. He assesses Slack on a routine basis. He informs others of his latest actions, too. He tries to find out what they’re all doing while he’s handling certain essential assignments.

Alexis Kennedy believes that having endless funds to his name could actually be pretty scary. He has a penchant for putting together narrative offerings that are in no way, shape or form distant or remote. He indicates that he would be overwhelmed if he had excessive sums of money to spare.

People who are fans of favorites like Cultist Simulator often know a lot about Kennedy and about his various hard-working colleagues.