George Soros & Different Takes on the US Money Reserve

According to a recent report on US Money Reserve, George Soros, a billionaire financier & philanthropist, has warned of a similar catastrophe of the  In this article, Soros stated that globally, investors has been going through chaos with China trade for a second time in one week. While speaking at an economic forum in Colombo, he stated that the media stated that China is struggling to discover a new growth model. He also stated that China’s currency devaluation is transferring problems around the world, and that a return to rising interest rates has proven to be difficult for the developing world. Soros also stated that the current environment reminds him of the crisis of 2008 with China possessing a major adjustment problem that amounts to a crisis.

With the US Money Reserve, however, clients are offered the most exceptional gold issued by the US government. They issue silver, platinum, and gold coins in the market. The US Money Reserve is founded by gold market veterans, who saw a great need within the market. And as a result, tons of clients have gain a lot more profit and stability due to these precious metals.

The US Money Reserve’s president, Philip Diehl, did a recent interview at the Entrepreneur Podcast Network In the interview, Diehl talked about the gold market, and the ownership of gold coins. He also talked about leadership, according to prnewswire. With Diehl’s resume of accomplishments and expertise, he has proven to be an exceptional business leader who is worth listening to. For one, when he was the Mint Director, he created the 50 States Quarter program. This program became the most successful program in US history. He also launched the Sacagawea Dollar, and it sold more during the first 10 months of launching, than the Susan B. Anthony Dollar did for 20 years. He is also a board member of the Coalition for Equitable Regulation and Taxation (CERT), and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA).

In the podcast interview, Diehl said the following:

– U.S. Mint qualify him for the US Money Reserve President by being introduced with bullion coins, plus he worked with the company with vast distribution worldwide.
– He’s an effective leader of U.S. Money Reserve by him encouraging staff to have commitment and great customer service, and that makes things worthwhile.
– He stated that most of U.S. Money Reserve’s offerings are gold, silver, and platinum coins, and these products appeal their customers as well as the IRA product that serve as wealth insurance.
– He thinks that U.S. Money Reserve is different from its competitors, due to their commitment to customer satisfaction, and no one matches this.
– A person should own US Government minted gold and silver coins instead of owning gold bars or bullion, because they are not legally tended.