What you need to Know About Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Medical Career

Meet the most renown doctor in Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel. He attended University of Louisville School of Medicine for his Medical Degree. Forsthoefel has built his reputation working as a medical practitioner in Tallahassee hospital. His expertise rates back in more than six years being a specialist in Emergency Medicine. He also records to have completed a Residency at Louisiana State University. Dr. Eric is fluent in English; thus, he can serve a wide range of patients. His affiliation with Tallahassee hospital is that he can treat as well as admit patients. He works alongside twenty-six other medical practitioners who have specialized in Emergency Medicine at Tallahassee. These doctors combine their expertise and know-how to provide quality care to their patients.

As an Emergency Medicine doctor, Forsthoefel can expertly treat patients who are in an urgent and life-threatening state. He is among the trusted emergency doctor working in the emergency departments to oversee successful treatment of patients. Forsthoefel can treat a wide range of diseases including; Cardiac distress, injuries that result to fracture, acute illnesses, as well as traumatic conditions. Having been trusted with life, he can withstand the pressure to make life-saving decisions during a health crisis. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel ensures the correct diagnoses get made, and the patient is stable enough before discharge. If the patient cannot get discharged, it is his role to ensure that the patient gets transferred to the recommended care department.

Dr. Eric M Forsthoefel records two Acknowledged insurances; First Heath and Aetna. He has received board certification having met the required attributes of a medical Doctor. The board acknowledges that he posses the right skills and knowledge to treat any emergency health condition that comes his way. The board entrusts Forsthoefel with the Emergency Medicine field. He holds the required expertise and is competent in the field.


Dr. David Samadi: making care count

Dr. David Samadi, Chief of Urology and Robotic Surgery at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, has shown himself to be a voyager in the field of Cancer treatment. His research and dedication have set him far apart in his field. He invests his time and effort into the treatment and diagnosis of Urological diseases, as well as certain cancers. Dr. Samadi has made great strides in minimally invasive prostate surgery, as well as adding his wealth of knowledge to kidney and bladder cancer research.

Samadi started out by getting the best possible education to fuel his mission. Not only does he boast an M.D. from the prestigious Stony Brook School of Medicine, but also piled on impressive undergrad work at schools like the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. David furthered his career in medicine by adding fellowships in Proctology and Robotic Radical Prostatectomy. A degree in biochemistry also helped further his research and put him on the fast track to success.

His passion lies in the early detection and treatment of prostate cancer, but that’s not all that’s up his sleeve. In 2011, Dr. Samadi was the host of a medical advice TV show called “Sunday Housecall” on Fox News. He also funneled some of his energy into running a website and radio show focused on getting health information to the world. This program touches on subjects such as men’s health issues and alternative medicine.

Dr. Samadi also prides himself on having one of the most efficient, if not the most, surgical teams in his OR. “Since they have been working with me for close to two decades, I feel like I have my own baseball team.” He said. He continued to praise his team and explains how they work like an airplane, with him as the pilot. “Everyone knows their position in the operating room, and each person has a special role.” His prides himself on his team that will start cleaning up a half hour before he’s finished, to be sure they are ready ASAP for their next case. His model not only works, but has been a template for other surgeons to do the same.

Samadi’s dedication to his craft is unmatched. From mission trips with his surgical team, to adding to the vast potential future of robotic surgery, Dr. David Samadi is a pioneer. He continues to provide invaluable care, resources and compassion to his patients. A doctor who truly cares about his practice is a priceless asset, and Dr. Samadi will continue to define that.

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Dr. Sergio Cortes’ Enviable Career Achievements In The Medical Profession

Dr. Sergio Cortes‘ long, distinguished career in the medical profession began when he was the official doctor for the Brazilian men’s volleyball team. He held this position for ten years before becoming the General Director of the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. Cortes presided over the institute, which specializes in treating complex orthopedic injuries and diseases, for over four years. Being the director of a prestigious orthopedic institute was the ideal position for Dr. Cortes, since he trained as an orthopedic surgeon and attended Harvard Business School. Dr. Cortes’ continued interest in orthopedic medicine, despite his advancing career in administration and public health, is evident by posts on his personal blog.

For seven years, Dr. Sergio Cortes served as the State Health Secretary of Rio de Janeiro. He dealt with varies health crises, including dehydration and mosquito maturation from flooding in Xerém, Duque de Caxias. As reported by Extra, Dr. Cortes’s main concern was diseases caused by people drinking contaminated water, such as diarrhea and hepatitis A.

After the flooding in Xerém, Dr. Cortes worried about cases of dengue fever caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito proliferation that occurs when standing water accumulates. Even though he is no longer Health Secretary, Dr. Cortes is concerned with Zika virus, which is responsible birth defects in infants whose mothers contracted the virus while pregnant. The same mosquito responsible for dengue fever also carries the Zika virus, however, for expectant mothers in Brazil, the consequences of the Zika virus are so severe that the World Health Organization is now involved. Dr. Cortes’ blog contains tips for avoiding mosquitoes, which he urges all pregnant women to follow.

Currently, according to CrunchBase, cortes is the Executive Director of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, Brazil’s largest hospital operator, which owns 27 private hospitals and manages two other hospitals. While Sergio Cortes calls himself an orthopedic surgeon, it is obvious by examining his career that he is much more than a doctor specializing in orthopedics .To learn more about Dr. Cortes’ career accomplishments, follow him on LinkedIn or follow Cr. Cortes on Twitter for updates on current health news.


Solo Capital is an international company that is based in the United Kingdom and specializes in proprietary trading and consulting and professional investment in sports. Solo capital the UK, as it IS commonly referred to was incorporated in the year 2011. This is a financial investment firm and all matters that deal with finances can be sorted from solo Capital UK. The company was able to end the 2015 financial year with a net worth of 15.45 million Euros and an asset total of 67.45 million Euros. This can look as being a great achievement considering the fact that the company was only four years old by then.
Solo Capital is headed by Sanjay Shah, who had earlier worked for different banks. He is the head of solo Group Holdings, which manages Solo Capital Partners. Sanjay Shah owns many other different companies including Aesa. The other companies owned Sanjay Shah are the British Virgin Islands and Dubai, all of which are found in Europe. The list of the companies owned by Shah does not end there. There are more organizations under his ownership and are all running financial investment services. Solo capital has been able to give assistance to many sports investors regarding investment advice. Solo capital is dedicated to giving its clients the services they need in the broad financial investment sector.
Sanjay Shah first studied medicine as his initial career. He later found out that he could not proceed as a doctor and, therefore, switched into the financial investment where he operates currently. After ditching medicine, he worked in several banks until 2009 when the economic tides affected many banks and economies. This affected his work as an employee, and the redundancy forced him to quit being employed. He after that started his company. Working in the brokerage sector as manager in his company would prove easy to Shah after having worked for different financial corporations.
Shah is also known for running an autism awareness campaign. This has been done through his organization that goes by the name Autism Rocks. Shah has been making donations to help children in India before starting the autism awareness campaign. It was until his son was diagnosed with the diseases that he thought of running a worldwide campaign on autism. Sanjay Shah spent 100,000 US dollars in 2015 to come up with the AUTISM rocks domain name. He has worked with artists in this campaign which seeks to raise money for autism. Snoop Doggy, Drake, and Lenny are among the many musicians that have taken part in the autism concerts. Solo Capital continues to witness earn good growth and the good deeds of Sanjay Shah also continue to surface each and every day.

Autism Rocks Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah, who is a hedge-fund manager, wanted to find a way to aid in the research of autism. It wasn’t clear to him how to do that until he sat down one day and had a conversation with Snoop Dogg. The famous rapper showed up to his home in Dubai one day and gave him an idea to persuade super stars to provide concerts for the cause.

Sanjay Shah grew up in Central London where he studied medicine at King’s College. It was then, while he was attending college, that he decided he did not want to be a doctor. Instead, he became an accountant for a short time where he worked for several different firms. After several years in the daily grind, Sanjay Shah decided to start his own brokerage business, called Solo Capital. Five years later he now has a net worth of $280 million.

Solo Capital has offices if Dubai and London that allow him to expand his talents into other areas of business such as organizing the annual music festival Blended. He still owns the businesses, but has since retired and redirected his focuses on raising awareness for autism.

Autism Rocks is a charity that Sanjay Shah has developed in hopes of raising awareness and the possibility of a cure to those diagnosed with autism. He is part of the music world, where he has raised funds and awareness through concerts with Lenny Kravitz and Price who have agreed upon the “gigs” with Sanjay to raise money for the cause. Sanjay Shah has always been in the position to offer the best possible treatment for his son, but realizes that others do not have the resources that he has had. His son has inspired him to continue to be passionate about the charity, Autism Rocks, and continue to provide the funds for the research. His hopes are of course for a cure, but also to give others a fighting chance to invest in the research and to help others with the diagnosis.

Nobilis Health Revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector

Health is of vital importance to any human being. The current lifestyle people are adapting to is leading to serious health implications. With the increase in the prevalence of lifestyle diseases and conditions, it is increasingly becoming quite expensive for individuals to manage their own healthcare. As a result, more and more people are turning to healthcare companies to help them manage their health issues.
Most healthcare companies focus on offering health insurance. This is usually against the risk of incurring expenses resulting from healthcare. In the event of any health issues, the patient gets attended to and the insurance company takes care of the bills as agreed in the insurance policy. The cover is only applicable if the patient has been remitting their contributions. With this kind of arrangement, the client gets to invest in their healthcare even when they are not ill. Whenever they fall ill, the money they have been saving up is used to take care of their treatment.
Some companies have seen an opportunity in the health sector and decided to incorporate more than health insurance in their business. Some of these companies have invested heavily in the sector in a bid to provide the best healthcare for their clients while saving the maximum possible. Such companies invest in development and management of surgical centers, ambulatory surgery centers, facilities management, staff management, Physician marketing as well as legal affairs. With such investments, the companies ensure that most of the business is handled in-house, making the whole process much cheaper while ensuring efficiency as opposed to outsourcing.
One of the companies that have adopted this model of doing business is Nobilis Health. Nobilis is a full-service healthcare development and management company. The company has invested heavily in leadership experience to ensure proper management and effective service delivery. The company not only focusses on the healthcare bit but the business bit as well. As a result, they constantly provide superior medical care, resulting in increased patient satisfaction, and lower medical costs. Due to the company’s uniqueness, dedication, and exemplary service delivery, Nobilis is recognized as an innovator, besides being a leading healthcare company.
Nobilis Health Corp is one of the few healthcare companies who have adopted this new model of business and invested in providing comprehensive healthcare services. In fact, Nobilis Health is among the biggest investors in equipment and facilities. The investment is an added advantage to the company both in terms of service delivery as well as in terms of marketing. A client would easily get attracted to a healthcare company that not only provides them with financial services but the health services as well.
To ensure they retain the top spot in the healthcare sector, Nobilis has invested in the critical areas of the medical sector. These include ambulatory services, development and management of surgical centers as well as specialized medical care. With various experts in multiple specialties forming its physician partners, the company is able to develop and operate its own outpatient surgery centers. The company operates quite a number of health facilities spread out all over the country.

The growth oriented Nobilis Health Corp.

Nobilis Health Corporation, formerly Northstar Healthcare is Canadian company that focuses on collaborating with physicians in offering ambulatory and management services in ambulatory surgical centers. The incorporation of the company was in 2007 and it has grown to have at least three hundred and twenty two full time employees that oversee its operations. As part of its operations, the company owns and manages ambulatory surgery centers and health care providing facilities across the USA. Nobilis has a number of subsidiaries that include Spring Northwest Operating LLC, Spring Northwest Management LLC, GRIP Medical Diagnostics LLC, and Willowbrook Imaging LLC. The geographic areas that this healthcare giant operates expansively are in Texas, Arizona and Dallas within the United States.

Other facilities owned and managed by Nobilis are in Scottsdale with the company having contractual partnerships with facilities in New Jersey, Michigan, Oregon, and Minnesota. The acquisition of First Nobilis Hospital in 2014 affirmed the company’s strong record of the accomplishment or organic growth. Other significant acquisitions made during the same year include that of Athas Health and the former Freedom Pain Hospital that served as major milestones. In terms of leadership, Harry Joseph Fleming is the President, Chairman of the Board, and Secretary of Nobilis health, which he runs alongside a list of several other directors. Christopher Lloyd is the Chief Executive Officer while Kenny Klein is the company’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer.

On the contrary, the company’s focus is on the improvement of access to healthcare and patient outcomes through the application of low cost and minimal invasive procedures. Marketing is a core practice for this health care provider as it utilizes both traditional and modern marketing tools to reach out to their target markets. The traditional media applied in creating patient awareness and education by the company includes radio, television and print medias. On the contrary, Nobilis utilizes innovative marketing mediums in reaching out to their target markets through social media platforms and other online-related tools.

The service revenue obtained by the company has always been high irrespective of the increasing operational and administrative expenses that the company attracts on an annual basis. Based on the financial statements that the company has continued to issue through its press releases, the outlook seems to be bright with the expectations for improved performance being high. Despite the market uncertainties anticipated, this health care provider is hopeful that these challenges would not deter its future performance.

Being marketing and healthcare facility management firm, this company has made various investments aimed at addressing its indebtedness in support of its growth strategies. One such deal was the debt financing of GE Capital, which was to provide a fresh way for revolving working capital for the business and minimize borrowing. The stock performance Nobilis is relatively stable with its stocks trading at market worthy prices hence indicating its market stability. The company does not seem to back out on its strategy of becoming the number one healthcare management facility that offers its services at pocket friendly prices to their clients. Based on this, Nobilis seems to be navigating the healthcare waters with relative ease as per its financial and stock market performances.