A New Approach To Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases, especially lung disease, are notoriously difficult to treat and the currently available treatment options come with an incredibly long list of side effects to those who use them. Fortunately, things are starting to look up thanks to stem cell therapy. Now doctors can treat these diseases without many of the shortcomings commonly found. Stem cell therapy has already seen use in medicine, but it is now something just about everyone can experience.

How Stem Cells Treat Disease

Stem cells are the ultimate building blocks of the body. Every cell in your body starts out as a stem cell until it receives a special purpose. This process of assigning special purposes to stem cells, known as differentiation, allows us to develop as children and heal ourselves as adults. At the Lung Institute, a Tampa based center for stem cell treatments for lung disease, doctors use stem cells to allow the body to heal the lungs by themselves. After injecting stem cells from the patient’s body the only thing left for doctors to do is observe the patient and make sure there are no adverse effects observed.

The Stories Of Patients

The stories of the patients of the Lung Institute speak volumes about the effectiveness of the treatments given. Previously, these patients had to live their lives confined by an oxygen tank, inhalers, and other medical devices deemed necessary for their treatment. According to Cedars-Sinai, they can now experience life without any of those constraints and are seeing a level of progress previous thought impossible by many doctors. Patients are actually able to run, jump, and perform physical activities they never thought they would ever find themselves capable of.

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About The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is a medical treatment facility focusing on providing care for patients suffering from chronic lung disease. Currently, the Lung Institute is focused on providing its patients with stem cell therapy as a solution of various illnesses. It has led research in these categories and it has provided some of the greatest breakthroughs in lung disease today. Visit lunginstitute.com for more details.

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