Jeunesse Global Provides Excellent Network Marketing Training

Are you looking for an opportunity to achieve financial success? Do you want to find a company that will provide you with the training to reach your goal? Jeunesse Global is a clear choice for those who want to build a solid business in the network marketing field.

Jeunesse Global will be conducting events and conferences and ambitious individuals will be able to learn what works and what they need to do to become successful in this industry. It is advisable to visit the company’s website to check the calendar of events and ensure that you register while you still have a chance. These events are essential for your business and you are encouraged to register. 

If you are interested in earning extra income or starting a full-time business, you need to check out Jeunesse Global. This reliable company shows people how to make money in the direct selling or network marketing field. The company has the resources to help ambitious individuals understand what needs to be done to start on their way to financial independence.

Network marketing is a proven way to earn a decent income or even make a fortune for yourself. Numerous people have become their own boss and established a successful business. Any ambitious person can achieve great success in this industry.

Before deciding which direct selling or network marketing opportunity to join, it’s a good idea to check the background of the company. It’s crucial to be certain that the company has a great reputation in the industry. You’ll want to choose a company that has an established history of providing outstanding service and great products

Jeunesse Global is a highly regarded company with a network of distributors, also known as sales representatives. This renowned company develops and markets high-quality products that include anti-aging products, skin care, and nutritional supplements. These products are well researched and are designed to help people in eliminating wrinkles, fine lines, and other blemishes and looking great. These anti-aging and skin care products can help slow down the aging process and maintain a youthful appearance.

About Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global is a company that is passionate about helping people look and feel their best. It has been around since 2009. Randy Ray and Mary Lewis are the founders of this company. The founders believe that people are able to reach their full potential when they look and feel their best.

An Overview of Jeunesee Global Products

AM Essentials

AM Essentials is a supplement that you take during the day. It is made up of vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and Thiamine. It also has magnesium, potassium and selenium. It gives you the nutrients that you need to maintain your energy and get through your day.

PM Essentials

PM Essentials is a restorative supplement. It helps replenish the nutrients that you may have lost during the day. It also helps you sleep well at night. It has the same ingredients that are in the AM formula.


Many people struggle to get through the day because they suffer from fatigue. Most energy drinks are not a good choice because they are high in sugar, artificial ingredients and calories. However, Nevo is a great choice because it only has 50 calories per serving. It also does not have any artificial sweeteners.

Nevo has yerba mate, green tea and guarana. It also has vitamin C, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.


Revitablu is a beverage that is designed to refresh you. It is made up of aloe Vera, buckthorn berry and blue-green algae. It also has coconut water powder.

Revitablu helps support a healthy immune system. It comes in individual packs. People who have used Revitablu have reported feeling more energetic and refreshed. They have also stated that they have had an easier time getting up. Additionally, people have reported getting better-quality sleep.

Jim Toner: The Man With Years of Compassionate Medical Service

Doctors can be both helpful and also tricky to deal with because they are the source of refuge for the sick, but at the same time, they are invited by drug companies to prescribe drugs that may be harmful to patients. However, there are good doctors all over the world, and one of them today would easily be Dr. Jim Toner, the fertility specialist that has already served so many clients that badly need his expertise.

According to, Toner has been referenced online to be a good experienced doctor that many people already trust. His high qualifications to help family men and women get their infertility issues resolved have often been a source of inspiration to many. He also has many quality years of practice in medicine under his degree, and the results he has delivered to countless patients are nothing but fruitful, outstanding and cost-effective.

While most doctors go for the easiest treatment even if they could be harmful in the long run, Dr. Jim Toner is different. His background in psychology has made him more emphatetic and compassionate to the psychological needs and costs of his patients. It’s hard for doctors to deal with parents who have fertility issues. It’s hard for mothers who experience a miscarriage. When Toner offers his expertise to them, he makes sure that he addresses such psychological costs that other doctors may just overlook.

Another outstanding attribute of Toner in his medical practice is that he has received so many awards already. Some of them include the American Fertility Society Ortho Award as well as the Gynecologists Ciba-Geigy Award that many doctors seek but not a lot are fortunate to obtain.

The expertise, too, of Toner in his profession has also resulted to him being picked to serve as the president in one of the most prestigious medical groups today, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

The psychology degree of Toner is also worth noting. He got it from St. Joseph’s College, which is based in Philadelphia, and it’s a school that has over the years maintained an outstanding reputation. We may also need to point out here that the medical degree of Toner is also an added strength to his skillset. He got both his P.H.D. and M.D. degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1985. This degree has also resulted to him getting accepted to residency opportunities and position at the Jones Institute.

Client Feedback

Healthgrades also shows that Dr. Toner always makes sure his clients and patients are happy. There are 7 out of 8 patients in Healthgrades who gave 5 stars to his medical performance. This ranking only establishes Dr. Toner as an excellent and trustworthy doctor today who does his best to make his patients satisfied.

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Heal And Soothe: Transforming The Supplement’s Industry

Today, the supplements industry is growing at an exponential rate. Why is that so? This is because of the increased interest in preventive health care, rising demand for more natural treatment options, and a rise in the number of the elderly. For this reason, Living Well Nutraceuticals created Heal and Soothe.


Overview of Heal and Soothe

Heal and Soothe is the latest entrant into the lucrative supplements industry. It’s an innovative product of Living Well Nutraceuticals an Austin-Texas based company. Though it is not a prescription drug, this supplement boosts the natural healing ability of your body. Heal strengthens your body’s immune system as well as quickening its ability to recover from ailments. Besides that, the supplement reduces arthritis-induced pain.


Each and every day individuals deal with arthritic pain and muscular aches which diminishes an individual’s ability to work. As discomforting as this is, many people opt to use prescription medications to alleviate their suffering. However, in most situations, these drugs are inadequate as they act by suppressing pain instead of addressing its root cause. On the other hand, extended use of these drugs results in the body building resistance. Given that, most individuals are turning to naturally derived treatment options like Heal and Soothe. Learn more about The History of Supplements and the Rise of Heal-n-Soothe


What is Heal and Soothe?

Heal and Soothe is made from naturally occurring ingredients that delivers instant pain relief while minimizing adverse side effects. Enzymes contained in Heal and Soothe act on prostaglandins and leukotrienes to reduce pain. In addition, it reduces discomforts that accompany pain.


Apart from that, Heal and Soothe enhances your body’s ability to cleanse free radicals. To do so, the supplement boosts the levels of Proteolytic Enzymes present in the body. For instance, testimony from rheumatic arthritis patients proves the effectiveness of Heal and Soothe in controlling pain. Its holistic formulation contains elements that promote blood thinning, a critical aspect of the healing process. Click Here for more information.


What’s more, the administration of this supplement is straight forward as it ships in pill form. Heal and Soothe is available as tablets in 30-day packages. Interestingly, you can take a capsule up to four times a day. Even so, users are advised to take the supplement thirty minutes before a meal. But what If I have already eaten? There is no need to worry as you won’t miss your measure. Simply allow an hour to pass to take a pill!



What you need to Know About Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Medical Career

Meet the most renown doctor in Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel. He attended University of Louisville School of Medicine for his Medical Degree. Forsthoefel has built his reputation working as a medical practitioner in Tallahassee hospital. His expertise rates back in more than six years being a specialist in Emergency Medicine. He also records to have completed a Residency at Louisiana State University. Dr. Eric is fluent in English; thus, he can serve a wide range of patients. His affiliation with Tallahassee hospital is that he can treat as well as admit patients. He works alongside twenty-six other medical practitioners who have specialized in Emergency Medicine at Tallahassee. These doctors combine their expertise and know-how to provide quality care to their patients.

As an Emergency Medicine doctor, Forsthoefel can expertly treat patients who are in an urgent and life-threatening state. He is among the trusted emergency doctor working in the emergency departments to oversee successful treatment of patients. Forsthoefel can treat a wide range of diseases including; Cardiac distress, injuries that result to fracture, acute illnesses, as well as traumatic conditions. Having been trusted with life, he can withstand the pressure to make life-saving decisions during a health crisis. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel ensures the correct diagnoses get made, and the patient is stable enough before discharge. If the patient cannot get discharged, it is his role to ensure that the patient gets transferred to the recommended care department.

Dr. Eric M Forsthoefel records two Acknowledged insurances; First Heath and Aetna. He has received board certification having met the required attributes of a medical Doctor. The board acknowledges that he posses the right skills and knowledge to treat any emergency health condition that comes his way. The board entrusts Forsthoefel with the Emergency Medicine field. He holds the required expertise and is competent in the field.

The American Media Commentator and Plastic Surgeon, Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden, the founder of Jennifer L. Walden, M.D, PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. She is a proactive academician who has led to the success of her brands. She is based in Austin, Texas but she began her career in Manhattan’s Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital where she has inspired and mentored many including Dr. Sherrell Aston.

She is a board certified plastic surgeon and is trained cosmetic surgery. The operation makes individuals appear younger by removing wrinkles and sagging skin.


Facelifting. With time we get exposed to the scorching sun, gravity will have its effect on the former glories, the stresses of our daily encounters will have our appearance look different. There will be effects besides the mouth; jaw line will slacken and much more. A facelift will remove these effects and prevent aging by tightening muscles, remove fat deposits and clean skin and giving you a youthful face. In technical terms, the surgery is called rhytidectomies.


Rhinoplasty. It is a common practice in plastic surgeries. The objective is to reshape and reduce the patient’s nose. The operation will be performed according to the client’s specification and most importantly the correction of a severed nose, a congenital disability and other predicaments that affect the breathing and eating like the cleft pallet. Procedures are straightforward and local anesthesia is used that will last for one to two hours. Rhinoplasty is used to sort functional problems in some cases as we have seen apart from the commonly known cosmetic reasons.


Dr. Walden is experienced and shows the highest quality patient services that have transformed the sector and ensured patient satisfaction. Her precision gives excellent results, women and men will be happy to be served by her for their cosmetic needs. They will simply have to book an appointment on her website.