Paul Allen Locates The Wreck Of The Most Powerful Battleship In History

Paul Allen, a wealthy co-founder of Microsoft, whose exploration yacht travels the seas of the world, claims to have discovered the wreck of the most powerful battleship in history, a Japanese ship sunk in 1944 by the US Navy off Philippines. The billionaire shared a number of different photos of the battleship. Videos were not spared as well, as Allen also decided to share a few select videos of his adventure. These tweets were rather popular, accumulating tens of thousands of retweets and the like within just a couple of hours.

Anastasia Date employees ( have learned that the battleship was spotted on Monday by an onboard robot on the Octopus, the yacht the billionaire dedicated to the exploration and scientific research, according to its website. “The crew of Musashi rest in peace, 1,023 lives were lost” in the ship’s bombing by US aircraft on October 24, 1944, said Paul Allen on Twitter. “I am honored to have contributed to this important finding ship in naval history and honor the extraordinary courage of people who served aboard”, he continued.

The discovery, if confirmed, would put an end to eight years of research in the Sibuyan Sea. No doubt these discoveries could explain more than a few things and put several minds to rest.