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In the competitive world of business that we live in it is hard to make a lasting impression over the competition. This is especially the case in the investing world where there are so many companies that say they can get you the same thing. These promises can’t all be true, however, as the investing field is something that is somewhat risky with the amount of moving pieces involved. That is why when a company is nominated for an award in this district of business it is something to look at, because it shows they have been able to keep their promises and that they are trustworthy. A recent award that is being decided is the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, where Madison Street Capital has been selected as a finalist.

The company has been nominated for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and the International and Industrials Deal of the Year. These awards are given out by M&A Advisor and are awards that are taken very seriously within the financial world for their credibility. The investment bank was nominated for the International and Industrials Deal of the Year for their work with the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco. In the deal, the Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha led the discussions making sure to take great care with the multiple moving parts during the complex deal. His work and the great other hours contributed by the rest of the team on the deal made it so Madison Street Capital could complete the deal with great success.

This success in combination with the short amount of time they have been in business helps to show the kind of company they are building. The young investment bank started in 1998, but has shown great skill within the mergers and acquisitions market, which has put them on the map. The company set out to master mergers and acquisitions insight for its clients and has done a great job in expanding its operations. As of right now the company works in multiple time zones making sure to take advantage of great companies all over the world. this kind of drive and success is what has led Madison Street Capital to its success and the nomination for these awards.

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George Soros Currently Bearish and Changing the Marketplace

If you think that the current economy is already a major question and that there are new hiccups appearing each and every day, then you have to consider the brand new news on what George Soros just did. If you haven’t heard, George Soros didn’t make headlines by simply stating what he thinks and then trying to advise others based upon what his viewpoints are. George Soros made headlines by doing and not just saying something. And, when you consider some of the actions that he has made in the past when it came to major economical moves and taking strong positions, he has certainly earned enough credibility to make people wonder what could be happening next.

George Soros took a significant amount of his money and wealth out of the more traditional stocks and equities that he was invested in already and moved those positions into gold. While there are many reasons for why this could have happened and no-one will be able to fully know for certain, one thing is almost certainly true and that is George Soros probably is doing it for a reason. The only reason anyone can tell, however, is that because he is moving his position into gold, he is probably anticipating a major market downturn in the near future and wanted to get the jump ahead of time.

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Anyone who is an economic mind can tell that there are currently reasons why you could be either bearish or bullish on the current and upcoming economic situation. There are reasons why some people would want to take pessimistic positions, but there are also reasons why others would want to make their positions larger and continue investing. That is exactly why this is an enigmatic situation because George Soros is putting down such a hard bet by moving as much of his portfolio as he did. The key to remember is not that he knows what is about to happen or even that something will indeed happen. The key is that George Soros is seeing something so clearly that he truly believes he knows the culture is going to be a very big problem and it could be hitting at any time.

Rather than continue to just wonder whether or not George Soros knows what he is talking about or if he is correct or not in this specific scenario, the important thing to do is to think about what you can currently do to protect yourself in case he is correct. That is exactly the reason that Philip Diehl and the US Money Reserve have been trying to warn people that gold is a safe investment just in case something big is on the horizon. Protect yourself and know what you should be doing today.

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George Soros & Different Takes on the US Money Reserve

According to a recent report on US Money Reserve, George Soros, a billionaire financier & philanthropist, has warned of a similar catastrophe of the  In this article, Soros stated that globally, investors has been going through chaos with China trade for a second time in one week. While speaking at an economic forum in Colombo, he stated that the media stated that China is struggling to discover a new growth model. He also stated that China’s currency devaluation is transferring problems around the world, and that a return to rising interest rates has proven to be difficult for the developing world. Soros also stated that the current environment reminds him of the crisis of 2008 with China possessing a major adjustment problem that amounts to a crisis.

With the US Money Reserve, however, clients are offered the most exceptional gold issued by the US government. They issue silver, platinum, and gold coins in the market. The US Money Reserve is founded by gold market veterans, who saw a great need within the market. And as a result, tons of clients have gain a lot more profit and stability due to these precious metals.

The US Money Reserve’s president, Philip Diehl, did a recent interview at the Entrepreneur Podcast Network In the interview, Diehl talked about the gold market, and the ownership of gold coins. He also talked about leadership, according to prnewswire. With Diehl’s resume of accomplishments and expertise, he has proven to be an exceptional business leader who is worth listening to. For one, when he was the Mint Director, he created the 50 States Quarter program. This program became the most successful program in US history. He also launched the Sacagawea Dollar, and it sold more during the first 10 months of launching, than the Susan B. Anthony Dollar did for 20 years. He is also a board member of the Coalition for Equitable Regulation and Taxation (CERT), and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA).

In the podcast interview, Diehl said the following:

– U.S. Mint qualify him for the US Money Reserve President by being introduced with bullion coins, plus he worked with the company with vast distribution worldwide.
– He’s an effective leader of U.S. Money Reserve by him encouraging staff to have commitment and great customer service, and that makes things worthwhile.
– He stated that most of U.S. Money Reserve’s offerings are gold, silver, and platinum coins, and these products appeal their customers as well as the IRA product that serve as wealth insurance.
– He thinks that U.S. Money Reserve is different from its competitors, due to their commitment to customer satisfaction, and no one matches this.
– A person should own US Government minted gold and silver coins instead of owning gold bars or bullion, because they are not legally tended.

Why Is Investing In Gold A Good Investment?

Investing in gold has a lot of advantages.Gold can be effortlessly changed over into cash anyplace in the world. Beside money, the liquidity and all inclusiveness of gold is unparalleled. Gold has a tendency to keep up its quality after some time. Business analysts contend that even the cost of gold is not demonstrative of its worth. That is, regardless of the fact that the value diminishes, the hidden estimation of gold does not change much. This is generally on the grounds that gold is a commodity. Gold ascents in quality when expansion grabs hold. Since gold is estimated in U.S. dollars, any decay in the dollar will consistently prompt a higher cost of gold. Therefore, amid inflationary times, gold offers a great deal of more steady venture than money. In addition, on the grounds that gold frequently moves contrarily to money markets and coin values, it gives a particularly viable approach to enhance.
Gold is still an all inclusive item. In spite of the fact that nations offer their money prospects, treasuries, and different securities around the globe, dissimilar to gold, they are liable to political tumult. There is a dependable interest that further settles the cost of gold. Additionally, in times of expanded interest, these business sectors can constrain the cost of gold higher.
The best time to put resources into gold is when inflation is occurring.Once you suspect inflation, take notice of the national currency value. The more sooner you can recognize such drops, the more space you have to make a benefit. Driving pointers, for example, securities exchange decreases and political turmoil may demonstrate a future depreciation of your nation’s cash. Declarations by store banks to print out more neighborhood money can likewise demonstrate a decent time to put resources into gold.
When investing in gold it is wise to use the US Money Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve was established by gold business sector veterans who perceived a need to join choice client administration, and master business sector learning. They have the sort of reliable direction that is completely essential when acquiring valuable metals. Today, as one of the country’s biggest merchants of U.S. Government that provide Gold, Silver, and Platinum Coins, U.S Money Reserve has had the joy of working with a huge number of customers who have exploited the numerous budgetary advantages of owning valuable metals. At the U.S. Money Reserve, they consistently endeavor to give the most remarkable U.S. Government provided Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins available. Throughout the years, numerous customers have put their trust in U.S Money Reserve capacity to assist in picking the gold that bears the most astounding quality.Because of their numerous insightful buys, a large amount of U.S Money Reserve customers are still loyal customers today.