Astonishing Tips by Vijay Eswaran

\Vijay Eswaran is one of the most successful investors. He is the founder and CEO of QI Group which is one of the largest multi-business conglomerates in Asia. Vijay has made the group great with innovations and hard work. Vijay starts his day with an hour of silence, and it has been a routine. This puts him in a better place to achieve all his daily targets. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

Vijay Eswaran grew up in a meditative Hindu tradition. He decided to write and publish a book, In the Sphere of Silence, that talks about the power of silence. The book is full of advice on how individuals should start their days. Vijay says an hour of meditation daily helps one in gathering energy and getting focus. This is what he has explained in this wonderful book. The book was published in 2005 in Asia by Rhythm house, and recently it was published in the USA.

In the book, Vijay attributes his business success to the book. He has been following the precepts of the book for over 18 years, and he is certain it has helped him attain much of his goals. The hour of silence that he observes daily is divided into five parts. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

The first three parts take 10 minutes each; the fourth parttakes 20 minutes while the fifth part takes 10 minutes. The optimal time is 4:30 am to 6 am. If the silence is disrupted, you start all over again.

The book explains all these parts comprehensively. The first ten minutes is for reflection on the previous day. You should be able to figure out what you didn’t do better to make the day more successful. The second part is to write all the things you need to do today.The third part one should write goals for the next seven days, next 12 months and the next five years. You should restate these goals every day. Read more: Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies

Part four is divided into two. The first 15 minutes you should read an informative or any inspirational book. The next five minutes you should write a summary of what you have read. It is advisable to read a book that tells you something new.

The fifth part of the silence is to communicate with your god and write a good summary of the reflection. After 21 days this becomes a habit that will make you more productive.

Everything You Need To Know About Maverick Investor, Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is most widely known for his highly circulated newsletter, Profits Unlimited from the financial publisher Banyan Hill Publishing which covers a wide range of different topics pertaining to investment strategy. Each eight page document draws extensively from Mr. Mampilly’s many, many years of work and insight into the world of investing and has made Profits Unlimited one of the single most widely read and circulated papers in its field.

However, Mr. Paul Mampilly was not always quite so well known; he got his start in the world of business in 1991 working as a subsidiary portfolio advisory at Bankers Trust before the massive corporation merged with Alex, Brown & Sons in 1999. After his short stint at Bankers Trust Mr. Mampilly moved on to numerous other highly sought after and widely praised business ventures all across Wallstreet such as huge Dutch banking service, ING as well as the internationally well known German financial service provider, Deutsche Bank. Whilst working for both of these firms some of the accounts which Mr. Mampilly skillfully managed totaled well over a million dollars with some containing net total assets that totaled even higher.

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In 2006, the young and aspiring account manager was given a huge break by being offered the extremely garish and well stacked Kinetics Asset Management hedge fund. He accepted the offer and swiftly grew the $ 6 billion dollar firm to $ 26 in very short order. This earned him a panoply of accolades and more money than most people could dream of but Mr. Mampilly was not satisfied and grew increasingly disenchanted with the rapid fire, never stop Wallstreet lifestyle which had pulled him away from his loving family. In addition to that, he realized that he was only making money for the exceedingly wealthy, generally for the top 1% of the population or some percent of that percent and he wanted to do more; he wanted to help the working class. So, with those goals in mind, he broke off completely from Wallstreet and entered into the publishing business running the aforementioned monthly newsletter to help the common, American working man or woman get the most out of their investments whilst offering a price which similar Wallstreet services simply can not (or rather, would not) match.

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Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus: Fighting Cancer with Technology

Eric Lefkofsky is a wealthy and intelligent business entrepreneur who grew up in Southfield, Michigan, with an engineering father and a teaching mother. Investing in smaller companies and businesses, shortly after just graduating with a degree in law from the University of Michigan Law School, Lefkofsky was definitely a busy student graduate and successful businessman at a young age. But something that was on Lefkofsky’s heart was using technology to help combat cancer. And thus the successful research company Tempus was born. Follow him in his account.

Tempus was co-founded by Eric, and is a company that helps with the delivery of the physician’s process with personalized cancer care. Tempus has services that gives physicians and researchers the opportunities to analyze therapeutic and molecular data, which gives them the opportunity to draw accurate, data specified conclusions. One of Tempus’s goals is to help physicians be able to confidently analyze data and to have the technology and space to be able to do so. Going along with that, having the available technology and research equipment needed allows the physicians to spend more times in the hospital and doctor’s offices with their patients and less time in the labs. While the Tempus labs deal directly with the technology and tools, as well as work, of the physicians, Tempus is geared towards conquering cancer alongside it’s patients. Tempus is just the fighting, behind the scenes work. Overall, Tempus makes the doctors’ lives a little less hectic and gives them the tools and abilities to make solid conclusions and draw data based research. Click here for more details:

What is Eric Lefkofsky’s role in all of this? Besides be the co-founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky currently works as the CEO of Tempus. After researching and creating much himself, Eric was the brains behind an operating system that battles cancer. While the main job for Eric is already completed (planting and rooting the company), he still works alongside Tempus today to help reach the goal he had in his mind when he first started the company: Using the technology and tools we have today to help treat those (effectively and efficiently)that struggle with cancer.


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