BMG Bank, The Way Banking Should Be

When you think about the banks these days, more and more you are seeing large financial institutions that stand for everything they pretend to be against. You see fat pensions, high salaries, and millionaire CEO’s and boardmembers at the top of the pyramid while the regular working stiffs are basically stuck to ground. There is one bank that shines through, however, because it was built on the banking spirit that used to bring people together for the common good. BMG Bank in Brazil still does banking the way that banking used to be.

BMG Bank is a private bank that was founded years ago, with roots in the financial industry as early as the 1930’s. When others have continued to nickel and dime their customers with late fees and extra subscription costs, BMG Bank has made the banking world feel like fools because of the reputation they are growing. When it comes to taking care of their clients and customers and doing it with respect and quality service, BMG Bank truly is in a league of their own these days.

Part of the reason that BMG Bank has had such success in recent years is because they aren’t just tracing the almighty dollar. BMC Bank has been founded in the idea of helping people, and that is both clients as well as internal workers. Ricardo Guimarães is the current CEO and President, but he is somewhat unlike most of the other top banking executives you will find out there. He has been with the organization since 1980 and has literally made a career out of it.

While other banks have executives coming and going at the drop of a moneybag, Ricardo Guimarães brought his ideals of serving the people to the top and has made sure that service truly is put back into the banking industry. Due to his time spent at every level of the organization, Ricardo has become more and more passionate about helping people. The lessons he has learned both about banking and people have truly become a core principle of BMG Bank as a whole.

At the end of the day, you can always choose where to do business and where to put your money for safekeeping. It is a big world and there are certainly a lot of banks out there. Some people will chase a few percent here and there and will find themselves as part of the rat race. Others will just go for the flashy promotions, but could then be caught by extra fees and below average service. The choice is certainly yours. However, if you are looking for a bank where you can trust the ideals and principles, check out what Ricardo Guimarães has built in BMG Bank.