Web Browsing On-The-Go

One of the greatest achievements we have made as a society is our advancement in technology. Now, with LTE networks available nationwide our web browsing can be faster than our home connection. Given this, one might get to used to a fast, always available connection and may cringe when their bill arrives. An alternative is a hot spot which is available to just about anyone. Hot spots will work with any device that is WiFi-enabled that can sometimes be free.

There are USB sticks and WiFi-style hot spots that are both formidable options. USB sticks are more portable than WiFi hot spots and offer the fastest possible connection. They are best suited for use with a single laptop. In order to be able to use a USB stick one must download connection software onto your PC. A more convenient option is a mobile WiFi hot spot. These let users hook up multiple PCs, IPads, and IPhones to the internet. They are very easy to use and it does not require one to download a special software. The only downside to this option is that the connection may be slower.

Another option is a new startup called FreedomPop, which may offer the best deal out there. FreedomPop is really trying to beat out their opponents with their low costs that come with a myriad of options. FreedomPop offers free cellular voice and data plans and is now offering a low cost WiFi service. The terms with this service is that a user gets unlimited WiFi across the nation that includes 10 million hot spots for only $5. Carriers that have been rolling LTE services at a premium price may be in danger from a company like FreedomPop because of how much cheaper their plan is.

This WiFi service will be compatible with many devices. There is currently an android app on the market now, and an IPhone app is in the works at the moment. This is the first time that FreedomPop is adding a WiFi service to their service. Their projected users are incredible, as FreedomPop is predicted to reach 1 million users by the end of the first year. The availability of WiFi connection with FreedomPop is the best and cheapest on the market. The potential for this carrier is extremely promising as it aims to help make web browsing on the go cheaper and easier.