Malaysia Orders Search and Rescue for Adrift Migrants

Malaysia has ordered a wide spread search and rescue for migrants adrift in waters close to its shores. The issue has caused an international crisis which has documented the plight of hundreds of migrants stuck on board of various vessels with no power and no crew. A BBC crew video taped one of the vessels adrift in the Indian Ocean packed to the brim with men, women and children with no food, water, working toilets or shelter. Many officials stated that it was better to bring the adrift boats on shore instead of risking the spreading of disease if the boats found a way to shore without government approval. Others cried out that it was basic human decency to bring the migrants to shore and treat them while their migration status is addressed at a later date. Officials believe that the migrants are refugees from various Southeast Asian countries under duress do to famine, war or disease. To many of the migrants, risking their lives on the open seas is much less riskier than staying in their original home country and dealing with the poverty and other conditions which drove them to leave. Malaysian officials have not stated what will be come of any migrants that they rescue and whether they will be granted asylum in Malaysia. Bloomberg and Madison Street Capital understand that the current priority is to save lives. Malaysia Orders Search and Rescue of Migrants