Heyman Talent-South Modeling Agency Becomes Part of Wilhelmina Austin

The Heyman Talent-South Modeling Agency recently joined the Wilhelmina Austin agency in a recent acquisition by Wilhelmina Austin. Both represent the two largest talent agencies in the Austin, TX region and the acquisition represents a move designed to bolster the capabilities of both agencies. The acquisition is a move designed to build one of the largest talent agencies in Austin, with Justin Brown running the agency. Instead of being called the Wilhelmina agency, the new agency then became the Brown Agency. The agency claims over 245 models as being part of their large and diverse pool of talent whom they are able to place. About 20-30% of the talent whom take part in the Heyman Talent-South agency were placed by the agency, a high rate of placement in a notoriously competitive business.

Open Call To Potential Modeling Talent

According to MarketWired, for any aspiring talent whom would like to work with the modeling agency, there are open calls from 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM every Thursday at the agency. Interested individuals are also able to submit their photos online, even if they are not of a professional quality. The company has also managed to feature its models with some very well-known brands such as: Tinder, HEB, TXDOT, Cirrus, The Chive, Kendra Scott, Louis Vuitton, and Legal Zoom. These features are an indication of the talent and the clients that the modeling agency is able to retain. Models have also participated in various fashion-related events: Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week. Plenty of other models have been booked by Dodge Ram, Landshark Beer, and Bing among others.

Many Highly Accomplished Models Featured

Many of their models are highly accomplished outside of the world of modeling and fashion. Darius Alexander has landed roles in major productions on HBO and TNT. Justin Brown, the manager of the agency, paid for his university education by working as a fit model. He then managed to land several roles in the “development and placement” field aimed at developing the talents of models. His own experiences with modeling led him to managing a modeling agency which he found to be an interesting endeavor. His career has been focused on placing models, or training them to operate like the professional models. His career was relatively focused on modeling for the Lucky Brand, whom managed to design clothing specifically tailored to his body.

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