The Magic Mike Franchise Launches Another Career

Crystal Hunt is a gorgeous actress who is known for her roles on daytime television, and her image has graced the screens of viewers thousands of times over the years. Her amazing beauty caught the notice of movie producers, and she was given a role in the new Magic Mike XXL. Magic Mike is a film franchise based on Channing Tatum’s early life, but it is turning into a franchise that helps launch careers. This article explores how the movie series is helping many actors find their way to the big screen.

#1: Who Is Crystal Hunt?

Crystal has worked on One Life To Live and Guiding Light in the past, and her youthful appearance has helped her play characters that appeared far younger than she really is. Her amazing versatility became a hallmark of her acting career, and she was noticed by producers when Magic Mike XXL was in pre-production. The movie needed a young female love interest, and Crystal was perfect for the part.

#2: Many Stars Love The Series

many stars have appeared in Magic Mike films because they are fun to watch. Magic Mike is a story of someone who works in male dancing, but the people who join the cast of every new movie want to be a part of a fun franchise that shows anyone can make something of their life. Channing Tatum is a famous actor, and his time in the world of dancing helped him better understand the entertainment industry.

#3: Each Film Is Bigger Than The Last

There is more room in every new movie for people like Crystal Hunt to star. No one knew if the original Magic Mike would be a success, and the newest movie has made a place for Crystal. She is a popular daytime actress who is familiar to audiences today, and she is a beautiful woman who deserves her place on the big screen. Her career has been leading up to a point when she would be perfect for a role in a film like Magic Mike XXL.

Magic Mike XXL has made room for many people to star on the big screen, and Crystal Hunt is the newest name in the group. She is making her debut in a film that will give her even more exposure than her daytime TV roles, and the film franchise continues to provide fun to millions of fans worldwide.  From the Metacritic ratings, Crystal is definitely popular with fans.