There has been a rapid growth being realized in the New York real estate industry. This industry has been dynamic and many changes have been realized in it. Companies are now innovating new ways of reaching the buyers without having to spend much on brokers. However, the real estate brokerage companies have proved to be the determining factors in the industry. It will be more than hard for anyone to make to the buyer without going through a brokerage company in the New York City Apartments for rent and real esate . Brokers are however getting the need to be more self-sufficient. The self sufficiency that the seller and buyers are demanding form the brokers is for them to be able to market the property using a good network which belongs to them. The best companies however use their own agents and limit the chances of brokers being any influential in their businesses.

Town residential is a company that has all the expertise needed by buyers in getting the kind of houses they need without having to strain much. The company was founded in the year 2010 by Heiberger. It has therefore seen a big growth from the time in which it was founded. Heiberger is also the founder of another real estate based company by name Citi Habitats. Citi Habitats was founded ten years ago. It is still running its real estate brokerage service and is known to be among the top companies in New York real estate.

Town Residential properties are found in Brooklyn, Manhattan and other parts of city. Other companies might have been attracted into investing in New York because of the high prices in this city. The problem that such companies have suffered is the high risks that come with doing business in the city. Agents need symposiums and massive training exercises for them to be able to market real estate property and come out with the threshold number of sales. Heiberger believes that selling luxury condos and other posh real estate properties should not be done through the discount mode. Town Residential therefore uses the trick so as to stay alive in the industry.