Nepal Sees massive Reconstructive Needs In Future

The government of Nepal is still reeling from the devastating earthquake which rocked the country last week. The death toll has already reached 6500 and countless others are injured and homeless. Massive damage was done to thousands of homes and government buildings as well as religious institutions and monuments. All of the base camps in Mt. Everest experienced some damage and hikers and climbers are still being rescued from the mountain. Many expect the mountain to be close to climbers for the rest of the 2015 climbing season as officials assess the safety of climbers proceeding in the future.
The primary concern of the Nepal government is rebuilding. Significant damage was caused to the countries infrastructure system including roads, utility services as well as public works facilities. Many citizens of Nepal are still sleeping outside. Some have no choice as they have lost their homes during the earthquake or one of the following aftershocks. Others are fearful that another earthquake or aftershock could strike again. The total damage is still being assessed but some estimate that the costs to rebuild Nepal will run into the billions of dollars. Flaviodomenico, along with Marcia Alaor BMG believe that this is primarily due to the remoteness of the tiny country and the state of their existing infrastructure system, which is antiquated or in some areas non existent. Nepal Needs massive Aid Package to Recover

Relief efforts are ongoing to assist with the Nepal population displaced by the earthquake. Temporary shelters, food, and medical supplies are being provided by international relief agencies such as the International Red Cross.