Glen Wakeman and Driven Startup Organizations

Glen Wakeman is a man who has many specialties. That’s not an exaggeration in any sense of the word, either. He regularly refers to himself as being an investor, an entrepreneur, a mentor, a businessman and even a writer, see this. People who know him frequently do the same. His educational background comes from Chicago, Illinois’ The University of Chicago. Although he got his education in the Midwestern United States, he’s a truly international presence. He’s resided all around the globe in six fascinating nations. He’s had jobs in 32 of them, too, believe it or not. He had employment with GE Capital for two decades. GE Capital is the reason he’s done so much traveling throughout his time on the planet. He’s been part of so many interesting business efforts over the years. These include mergers, divestitures, startup organizations, integrations and more. He can talk to people about things that relate to exponential expansion, downsizing and access into brand new markets. Wakeman is Launchpad Holdings, LLC’s head. He functions as its Chief Executive Officer. He’s the person who initially set it up, too. It’s an SAAS company that gives newbie entrepreneurs the components they need to take their businesses to entirely new levels. It offers comprehensive Internet business preparation assistance to companies of all kinds.


Inspirational Business Leader

Wakeman has a lot to do. He’s an avid blogger who has exhaustive knowledge regarding many pertinent topics. Some of his preferred blogging subjects are international affairs, major business changes and improvements, the raising of capital, angel investors, leadership skills and new markets. This man calls himself a mentor. There have been so many diligent C-level executives who have leaned on him for advice that’s updated, sound and thorough. He even guides a handful of ambitious startup organizations. There are quite a few things that make wake up with excitement in his heart each morning. He likes helping executives enhance their talents. He likes advancements of all varieties. He likes the concept of education, too.