Why Jason Halpern is an Exceptional Real Estate Developer

Jason Halpern is a prominent figure in New York’s real estate development market. His name started gaining popularity in the real estate sector after assuming control of his family’s business, JMH Development, in 2010. The company boasts of about $500 million, which is invested in projects based in New York City.

Jason Involvement in Aloft South Beach


Jason, the Principal of JMH Development, was involved in leading JMH into announcing the topping off the Miami-based Aloft South Beach. The hotel, which was set to open its doors to the public at the beginning of 2015, boasts of about 235-rooms.The Aloft South Beach project involved both Madden Real Ventures and JMH Development. Apart from the adaptive reuse of the Motel Ankara, the project also involved the creation of a new eight-story tower.

JMH Development was best suited for the topping off of the hotel because of its well-established reputation in restoring historic structures. Jason Halpern viewed the topping off process as a key step in the construction process and one that ushered the start of a new phase. Apart from the serene environment presented by the beach, Aloft South Beach is coupled with waterfront areas that provide access to Collins Canal and the Lake Pancoast.


Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is the managing partner and principal of JMH Development. He represents the third generation of the Halpern family. The Halpern family is credited for building hundreds of residential units in New York City and Westchester County, NY. Jason boasts of outstanding level of experience and expertise in development matters. His insight and determination has propelled JMH Development into developing and acquiring several pioneering and innovative properties including some notable landmarked buildings. His knack for building in historical locations sets him apart vfrom other developers.


Apart from devoting a considerable part of his time to building properties, he is involved in charitable engagements around his community. As so, he has invested a considerable part of his resources in the popular Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center based at Westchester Medical Center. Through the JMH Development, he has also initiated philanthropic projects such as the 2015 water partnership with Global Water non-profit charity.

Former Atlanta Hawks Player Dies

The NBA has been hit with the saddest news ever possible. The former Atlanta Hawks player and three –time MVP, Moses Malone has passed on. According to the Norfolk Police Department, the former player was found dead in a hotel room in one of Norfolk hotels. At his career, Moses was an active player that won virtually all possible regards for good playing. According to investigating officer, Det. Jeffrey Scoot, all sign do not indicate foul play. Therefore, further investigations would give the exact cause of his death. After failing to appear in a celebrity golf tournament, where he was scheduled to play, an immediate search was instituted and later confirmed that he no more.

Several teams including the Atlanta Hawks, Rockets, Washington bullets, San Antonio Spurs and 76ers have sent their messages of condolences where they express deep sorry for a legend gone too soon. The NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, has expressed disappointment and shock at the news. He reiterates that Moses was a player that brought skill and energy to a team and every time he stepped into the pitch, he would compete with intensity. The energy and determination made him a Pro Basketball Hall of Fame. Moses was among the best centre players that every played in the game, both in the ABA and NBA. Apart from the excessive talent that the players exuded, Moses would be missed for his personality and mature approach to issues. His career took 21 years and was listed among the NBA’s top 50 greatest players ever. In the 1983 finals, Moses was named MVP, and won the title with the Philadelphia 76ers. It is an incredible performance for a player whose only ambition is to be the best he can in the NBA.

Moses remains one of those players that have had the best careers in the NBA having played for the various teams and achieving success. Like the players, the NBA teams exchange ownership quite often, and it is a common phenomenon. In fact, there are moments when the team management and players get shocked by how much a team changes ownership. The occurrence is a business opportunity for the billionaires that have the financial muscle to pull the strings. It is obvious to see former players like Moses change teams as a structural adjustment done by the team owners are expected to pay off. After making a purchase of a team, the owners would buy the best players to enhance performance and subsequently make the club famous. It would guarantee more endorsements and profits.

The NBA’s Atlanta Hawks recently sold to Anthony Ressler and team. It was a surprising move, for many people were not expecting such a sudden turn of events. After wide consultations, the former owner Bruce Levenson of wikipedia and partners decided to adopt the decision to hire Goldman Sachs to undertake the sale. In the end, Ressler got the team, and Levenson got the money. In fact, they made a huge profit on the sale, which was estimated at $730 million.

Aftermath Of The Baltimore Riots

In the wake of the Baltimore riots, city officials were finally able to assess the situation. When determining the damage, investigators estimated that there was a total of $9 million worth of damage. Nearly 300 buildings and business were destroyed and vandalized during the protests. Federal officials have estimated that the majority of the damage was caused by rioters looting business and setting fires. In addition to the businesses affected by the unrest, two homes in the area also had significant damages resulting in $60,000 worth of repairs.

While the city is slowing recouping from post-riot devastation, they are trying to determine how they will convey a strategy to repair the city. Adam Sender isn’t sure what the plan is. City officials are working together to develop a strategy and work with business owners to revitalize the city after the protests. Many of the major retailers in the area, including Rite Aid Corp. and CVS Health Corp. are both taking a hit so they can rebuild their locations. The local CVS store was looted and set on fire. The store was recently built and served well as a mecca for senior citizens in the community.

The riots stemmed from the unlawful death of Freddie Gray. Since his death, six officers have been charged. Baltimore area residents are anxiously awaiting the trial to start. Meanwhile, prosecutors in the area have decided to drop charges on those arrested on suspicion of violating the city’s curfew during the riots. All other arrests made in connection to the riots remain to be heard.

Threat of Civil War In Burundi

The tiny country of Burundi is in a struggle to determine who will lead the African country. Burundi, which is land locked by Tanzania to he east, Rwanda to the North and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the West is in the middle of a coup attempt and the out come is uncertain. Reports from the capital city of Bujumbura are mixed as reports from the President, Pierre Nkurunziza, tell citizens that the coup attempt has failed but reports form Major General Godefroid Niyombare had declared on Wednesday that he had in fact deposed President Pierre Nkurunziza while the President was traveling abroad. The only factual evidence that is apparent is that loyalists troops to the President and troops in support of a coup bid, are still fighting in the streets. This past Thursday, Burundi, Army Chief of Staff and General, Prime Niyongabo, stated the coup attempt had failed and that he army was in a mop up process against the remaining coup leaders.

There is no word on the location of the President or the Presidential family. Report indicate that the coup attempt was initiated after President Pierre Nkurunziza stated that he was seeking a third term as President, contrary to the Burundi Constitution. Ricardo Guimarães BMG wasn’t sure what was going on. President Pierre Nkurunziza terms of office have been challenged by opponents as being corrupt and benefitting a small group who are loyal to the President.
Troops Fight In Coup Attempt In Burundi

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Gets Right To The Point In The Same Sex Marriage Case

Ginsberg Reminded The Court That Marriage Has Changed Through The Years

A couple of Supreme Court Justices said that marriage was a long-standing tradition that should be honored, but Justice Ginsberg set them straight. She reminded everyone in court that marriage is not the same as it was decades ago. Marriage was looked at as a relationship between a dominant male and subordinate female before a 1982 court ruling. That relationship is considered barbaric today. Ginsberg has a point. All of our traditions change, but laws don’t necessarily change along with them.

Nothing stays the same. Our thoughts about education, our children, smoking marijuana, going to church and the institution of marriage are all in a metamorphic process. As we become aware of new discoveries and ancient revelations, we find ourselves looking into a mirror. What we see in that mirror is a new age image of the evolution of human consciousness.

Ginsberg is asking us to look in that mirror, and see the changes that subtly impact our awareness. She wants us to recognize the power of our beliefs and the folly within them, at least if you ask Daniel Amen on Good Reads. At 82, Justice Ginsberg knows what change looks like, and she embraces it with dignity.

Too Much Daydreaming a Disorder?

When you spend time daydreaming you relax and enjoy life more. At least, that is what you have always thought, right? When you want to fully enjoy your life you take some time to daydream and to think about the future. When you daydream you can take yourself to a whole new world. When you daydream you can have adventures that you can’t have while you are living your normal life. You love daydreaming and you thought that it was a good thing, but you are about to be told something different.

Daydreaming is now being thought upon and it just may be labeled a mental disorder. That’s right, it seems that too much daydreaming could become a problem and that those who spend all of their time daydreaming just might get labeled as having something wrong with the way that they live and with the way that their body works. Good thing Bruce Karatz avoids this pretty well. Gone is the innocence of daydreaming according to those on Bloomberg.com. Now it is considered a problem.

Chris Christie Faces Uphill Climb If He Wants to Be President

Three Republicans presidential hopefuls have already jumped in the race over the past couple weeks. Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio have all officially declared, which leaves a few more that every pundit believes will run but have not publicly declared their candidacy yet. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush are expected to announce their intention to run for president soon. They each have their downsides. Jeb Bush will suffer from “name fatigue” before he even declares. Especially if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, which nearly everyone like Kevin Seawright expects to be the case, it will seem like 1992 all over again with a Clinton vs. Bush election. Gov. Chris Christie had his “bridge-gate” scandal, and now he may have another problem to further hamper any presidential aspirations.

According to a recent poll, 70 percent of voters in New Jersey do not think their own governor would make a good president. When trying to get the whole country’s electorate to like you, it does not help that he can’t even get some love from his current electorate. Let’s face it, Chris Christie does have a “love him or hate him” personality. Some people admire his gruffness and sometimes too aggressive straight talk, and some consider him a bully. There is now an accusation as well about him having failed to pay taxes on a fairly large sum of money. Additionally, he is not the favorite even among many Republicans that he was in 2012 as he is considered to be too moderate. Of all the declared and potential candidates, he may have the biggest uphill battle.

Eggs Lowering the Risk of Diabetes

A recent article stated a new study was done that consuming more eggs reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. The original article explains a more in depth overview; type 2 diabetes are becoming more and more widespread throughout the world. A lack of exercise and proper nutrition increases a person’s risk of diabetes. But, egg consumption has been associated with lessening the risk of type 2 diabetes, as well as lowering glucose levels in the blood. An experiment was done with men eating four eggs per week and had a 37 percent chance lower of not getting type 2 diabetes, opposed to men eating just one or no eggs in the week. The results surprised Dr Jennifer Walden quite a bit. Although eggs do help in lowering the chances of type 2 diabetes, nutritionists on Wikipedia say that an overall healthy diet (whole foods, proteins, carbs, fruits and vegetables), and living a moderately active lifestyle will ultimately keep the risk of diabetes away from you.

Luxury is always linked to individuality with The Dorchester Collection

The Dorchester Collection is now perhaps the most impressive and luxurious chain of hotels in the world with a small group of hotels held under the banner of the Brunei based company. Since being established in 2006 The Dorchester Collection has seen a significant increase in the number of guests it has seen pass through its doors, but has faced a major challenge in creating a recognizable brand that members of the general public can identify the chain with. CEO Christopher Cowdray has spent a large amount of his time in charge of the company attempting to maintain the individuality of each hotel as he builds a brand that the public can know and trust as soon as they enter one of the chains hotels.

The sense of individuality each hotel in the chain maintains has been carefully manufactured and maintained as the group looks towards keeping each hotel a singular object within the overall chain. Perhaps the best way of highlighting the many differences found within the chain is in the differences found between The Dorchester hotel and 45 Park Lane, two hotels located just feet from each other in the heart of London. The Dorchester has always been seen as a location filled with old fashioned glamor and style, which is seen in the classic decor and timeless sense of service and attention to detail. 45 Park Lane shares a zip code with its stylish neighbor, but has been refurbished in a way that is more modern and contemporary to attract guests of a different style and with different desires. They have put together YouTube videos for people to get an idea.

Despite the differences between the two hotels the commitment to the best customer service remains the same. Cowdray has instilled a belief that service is the driving force behind the brand and demands each member of staff from himself down treats guests in exactly the same way. By pushing the demands of customer service to their limits and listening to how the experience of staying at one of The Dorchester Collection hotels can be improved the brand has developed an identity that does not require similar decor throughout its locations. Twitter and Facebook are just a few ways for people to stay connected with the company.

Why Is Investing With BRL Trust Wise?

Most people in South America think that they can make all the money they need form their investments without any assistance. They want to go online so that they can make all their own investment decisions, but they are not working with a broker when they do these things. The South American user needs to have a little help from a broker at BRL Trust. The BRL Trust team is going to help you to manage your funds in a way that is much more beneficial to you. You can easily make more money, and you will have a helping hand that will carry you through the financial landscape out there.

The Accounts

You will be able to set up your own brokerage accounts with the BRL Trust team, and you will be able to check on these accounts on your own. When you are using the accounts through the BRL Trust brokerage department, you must ask the broker for the advice that will help you make wise decisions. If you are torn about what to do with your money, the broker can ask you what your goals are. They will allow you to learn more about making proper investing decisions, and they will help you make the right decisions.

There are many ways to make money from the financial markets, and you can ask the BRL Trust team to help you with these investments. These brokers are going to help you make the right decisions, and they are going to monitor your accounts. These accounts are going to grow over the years as you make proper choices, and you want to make sure you stick with the same person at BRL Trust who helps you to do the right things. With this advice, you will have a massive nest egg when you retire.