Greg Finch and Awareness of Common Orthopedic Procedures

There are many common types of orthopedic procedures. Spinal fusion surgery is a type of surgery implemented to join together a particular amount of vertebrae in the lower back. The amount of vertebrae differs on a case by case basis but it is described as being any lower spine surgery requiring the fusion of two or more vertebrae. A shoulder arthroscopy is another such orthopedic procedure that is common among those who have a painful condition that is not responsive to procedures not involving surgery. The surgery can only be performed by a licensed orthopedic surgeon as it does require very specific positioning in order to prevent complications.

Greg Finch is well versed in orthopedic spine surgery through an impressive amount of facilities. These include North American Spine Society from March 2006 to the present, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust from July 2000 to the present, and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital from June 2002 to June 2008, just to name a few. While Greg Finch does have an impressive resume built up around his career, it’s not only his achievements as a dedicated spinal surgeon that define him, but also his passion for providing careful and knowledgeable support for all of his patients.

Orthopedic surgeon Greg Finch is a student of the world, having spent two years working alongside head names of the spinal field in Germany, the UK, and the USA. He describes himself as having a special interest in minimally invasive surgeries, such as cervical spine surgery, disc replacement, and in working with adult deformity cases. He is a member of the Spine Society of Australia and has extensive experience working in the country. Greg Finch is also a current member of the North American Spine Association, or NASS, and he is a fellow of the Australian Orthopedic Association.