Clay Hutson’s Experiences as a Music Producer

The music production industry continues to become more lucrative each day, and Clay Hutson has done his best to establish himself in the industry. Music has always appealed to Hutson from a tender age, and after completing his studies, he dived into the world of entertainment. He worked as a sound technician and project manager for several live entertainment firms before he decided to start his music production venture. Hutson studied at the Central Michigan University and acquired a degree in theatre design. He later advanced his studies at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he obtained a Master’s in Business Administration.


Clay Hutson had an interesting interview with BlogWepidia about his production career and his entrepreneurial journey. He pointed out that traveling on tours with Billy Graham and his responsibilities at the entertainment solution companies he worked for gave him enough experience to consider starting his own music venture. The recession challenges that struck the company he was working for provided him with the perfect opportunity to leave and start his company. Hutson reveals that he gets directly involved in his company’s work. For Instance, when they are planning an event, he will ensure he pays attention and is engaged to the last detail to guarantee the success of the event.


Clay Hutson likes to plan and admits that it is a habit that has helped him to become a productive entrepreneur. He disclosed that he brings his ideas to life by visualizing them first, then implementing them precisely as he sees them. He also uses his experiences and knowledge to establish ideas that work. Hutson disclosed that if he were to advise his younger self, it would be to put family before everything. He would also tell his younger person to be truthful with himself and others.


Clay has always had a passion for rock ‘n’ roll music. Celebrities like Pink and Kelly Clarkson solicit Clay’s services in modeling, producing and planning their concerts. One of his major achievements this year is managing Halsey’s tour which is dubbed ‘The hopeless Fountain Kingdom.’ The singer is set to entertain her fans in various cities around the world including London, Singapore, and Las Vegas. The music producer believes that talent can be natured through training. Clay points out that humility is a crucial value in succeeding in the music industry. Passion and hard work are also important values. Learn more:┬á