Beneful’s Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Dream Dog Park Program

As reported on PR Newswire, Beneful brand dog food is celebrating the 5th year in a huge way. The company is supporting similar projects across the United States kicking off in June. Crowdfunding campaigns and fundraising groups are working together with Purina to help bring these fun dog parks to your community.

The team at Beneful are well aware that the bond between dog and owner are special, and local dog parks are a great way for that relationship to grow. The effort is hoping to reach more dog communities across the country and help enhance the lives of the owner and dog. Many owners have limited space in which they can interact outside with their dogs. The parks offer a safe place where dog lovers can give their pets a chance to interact with other dogs and get some quality outdoor time.

In the last four years, this incredible Dream Dog Program transformed several existing dog parks, helping to bring to life many features that dog owners have not been able to access. These updated parks included tennis ball launching trees, obstacle courses, splash pads, and even the Doxie Tunnel. So for the 5th anniversary, Beneful brand has been searching the country for new opportunities to bring these creative and fun dog parks to locations in dire need of them.

The bottom line is that every park that is transformed for the dog instantly becomes a dream park in the dog’s eyes. The development team at Beneful has taken careful consideration to get input from communities as well as people with expertise in designing these parks, to provide residents across the United States an opportunity to enjoy that outdoor space more frequently, as a family unit. Bringing together families is what this brand of dog food is all about.