Feehan And ECU Look To Keep MN-01 Blue

For a long time now Minnesota has served as a liberal bastion in the Midwest, and although Hillary Clinton’s margin over Donald Trump was not as large as Democratic presidential candidates in years past, it has still been a reliable source of good, working-class oriented politics. In the First Congressional District of Minnesota there is a very important election coming up in a bit of a purple district that is sure to be a bellwether for results across the country.

End Citizens United, a sprawling grassroots organization designed to get special interest money out of politics, has thrown their hat in the ring by endorsing Democratic candidate Dan Feehan. The congressional seat will be open as Democrat Tim Walz tries to take the Governor’s seat in 2018.

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Dan Feehan is the type of candidate who is not just going to walk the walk on campaign finance reform, he is going to be leading the march against it. His campaign embodies his message as he has refused to take ANY corporate PAC money in his election cycle — a noble cause that is supported by a majority of working-class Americans who want their voices heard by politicians. End Citizens United’s support is surely going to be a boost to help hold onto the seat, as End Citizen United boasts over 400,000 small-dollar donors which will surely go a long way in helping Feehan this November. The First Congressional District of Minnesota did vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016, but it is still very much a seat that should be considered winnable for a Democrat, especially a Democrat who supports common sense measures to remove the influence of dark money from our electoral process. Perhaps Feehan himself put it best saying: “Special interest groups and corporations have been able to buy influence over our democracy at the expense of real people. The unlimited amount of corporate money in our system has resulted in a system that benefits corporations and mega-donors, rather than middle and working class families.”

It is certainly going to be a competitive election and one to keep your eye on as we inch closer and closer to November, but Feehan scoring the ECU endorsement is a huge boost. End Citizens United has been behind a lot of the surprise victories for Democrats so far, including Connor Lamb’s shocker in Pennsylvania. If the predicted “Blue Wave” is to come to fruition for Democrats this November, candidates like Dan Feehan will be the key to unlocking it — and ECU will be behind him every step of the way.

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End Citizens United: On A Mission To Reform Campaign Financing

In the field of political activism, there is a new entrant determined to eradicate financial malpractice that has blemished the political arena. The group aims to achieve this by funding the campaigns of Democratic aspirants in both the upper and the lower houses. The foundation, named End Citizens United, has up to date raised $2 million since its inception. According to communications executive Richard Carbo, the establishment has projected the fundraiser to accrue a whopping $30 million.


True to its name, the primary objective of the group is to lobby a constitutional amendment that will nullify the Citizens United ruling made by the Supreme Court. The decision, made in 2010, was the reason behind the rapid upsurge of political activism committees as well as pumping of dirty money into the political landscape. The move by End Citizens United has received a warm welcome, with their petition currently boasting of over 325,000 signatories. The plea seeks to compel the Congress to pass the amendment. The future is promising for the petition, with the group having collaborated with the Hillary Clinton campaign team to use its massive email subscription list; which has over 4 million members. The entity has also declared support of many Democrats across various states.


Speaking on the matter, Richard Carbo stated that his organization was different to other financial reform activists. Contrary to other groups, End Citizens United was campaigning for candidates who supported reform – and could pass the required legislation if elected. The aspirants also promised to oppose Citizens United. As a measure of supporting their preferred candidates, the group created an autonomous division that would provide fiscal support to the nominees through incentives such as digital and conventional advertising.


Though End Citizens United is optimistic of sanctioning financial reforms, the dream of passing a constitutional amendment has raised some doubts among economic and political experts. For a change to be effected, it needs to be approved by at least 67% of members in both houses, as well as being endorsed by over 75% of all states. Even worse, this could prove to be a daunting task since no amendment has been passed for over two decades.


Senior campaign experts have written off the prospect of a constitutional amendment, saying that it is an uphill task. However, Carbo remains defiant that his group is on the right track. He believes that the projected $3o million could play a significant part in the process. So far, End Citizens United has received donations from over 136,000 individuals.


About End Citizens United


This is a political activist group whose sole objective is to advocate for reforms in campaign financing. Backed by grassroots members, the PAC aims to eliminate dark money in political through electing reformists and advocating for constitutional changes.

George Soros Wants To Protect The Progressive Legacy

The Most Successful Hedge Fund Manager

George Soros is a wealthy man, but he stands out for the simple fact that he has managed to dominate a field defined by uncertainty and doubt. He is the world’s most successful hedge fund manager on planet Earth and he has kept his title for years. The wealth he has accumulated doesn’t go towards himself. Instead, he uses to help causes he believes are important to the improvement of the human condition such as open societies and free trade on nytimes.com. He has gotten criticism for these efforts, but they never distract him from his greater ambitions.

Fighting For Progress Worldwide

The biggest impact George Soros has on politics is through contributions. As a billionaire it isn’t much for him to place money towards campaigns he approves of and he doesn’t have any reason to avoid trying to do everything he can to help out those he sees as supporting that he agrees with. One of the best examples of this is the work he did in promoting the transition of Hungary from a communist dictatorship into a democracy with a free market on discoverthenetworks.org. He was able to make sure that the transition was peaceful and that all parties involved were satisfied. Recently, he decided to place his talents and energy towards the American election.

Returning From A Hiatus

2016 was certainly a year full of surprises. Nobody would’ve guessed that Donald Trump would’ve entered the presidential race and few would’ve predict on Biography that he was going to win. George Soros decided to make 2016 the year he decided to return to politics after a long hiatus, but it seems as if his efforts were in vain. His expectations weren’t abnormal and actually aligned with what most expected. Few thought that Trump would’ve pulled the upset victory he did.

Where He Goes From Here

Soros refuses to allow this disappointment to discourage him from engaging in politics. He wants to stand up for the Left and protect the progress that have already made. George Soros is working with top Democrats to devise a plan to help the Left regain power and protect what it’s already done. His rhetoric against Donald Trump has always carried heat, but now Soros is ready to do everything he can to fight him.

About George Soros

George Soros is one of the most prolific philanthropists and hedge fund managers of our time. He uses his billion dollar fortune to promote progressive causes and bring important issues to light surrounding the increasingly global society we live in. Recently, he has focused on opposing Donald Trump and the agenda he has laid out for his presidency.

Charles Koch Makes Quite the Donation

For many years, Charles Koch’s donations to the political platform have been the face of his donations. His other donations towards philanthropy and other sectors were rarely focused on. Charles Koch is not new to educational funding and philanthropy sector. He has been donating to various educational institutions over the years. Charles Koch has been directing over $20 million to various educational institutions all around the world. Before these recent donations to the George Mason University, no single institution had received a donation of over $1 million. Despite this, his donations have played a major role in improving the educational standards of the world.

His record-breaking donation came this year and went to the famous George Mason University. The George Mason University is a public higher education institution that is located on the outskirts of the nation’s capital. This institution is well known for its reputation in economics and law. It has of late been associated with the conservationists in America. Over the years, the George Mason University has been the beneficiary of Charles Koch’s donations and so far for the period between 2011 to 2014, it received over $48 million. According to tax records of the Charles Koch Foundation, this money came into the George Mason University in varying amounts over the years. George Soros engagement in educational funding has made him outstanding from other political funders. Charles Koch has assured the George Mason community that they will still be able to maintain their academic independence.

As its the electioneering period in America, Koch has been on the headlines. This hardcore conservationist and Republican is rumored to be having mega plans for the coming election. As a norm, his funds and donations in the political scene will go to Republican candidates. Inside sources revealed that Charles and his brother David Koch will be donating over $900 million Republican campaign funding. This will be their new record figure from their previous $400 million.

Charles Koch has also been in the media over his stand on Bernie Sanders policies. Recently, he issued out a statement acknowledging Bernie Sanders moves for deformations. In what the media termed as the unexpected union of ideas, Bernie Sanders reforms agenda got a push from Charles Koch. Charles Koch is co-owner of the Koch Industries alongside his brother David Koch. Charles Koch’s Koch Industries are the second largest private company by revenues in the United States. This multi-industry firm has brought a lot of fortune to the Koch brothers.

Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/george-mason-university-becomes-favorite-082106801.html#