Beneful Dog Food Brand’s New Advertising

Purina’s new Beneful advertising uses the employees as spokespeople for the brand. The Beneful employees explain why they feed their dog only Beneful dog food based on their experiences seeing what goes into the food. The employees from Purina’s Atlanta factory describe their trust and confidence in Beneful being safe for their dogs with their faithful dogs at their side. The advertising campaign is being called the “I Stand Behind Beneful”. The employees reiterate in the campaign that with the care put into making the food and that the Beneful brand upholds the principles and standards of the Purina dog food company’s belief in giving dogs safe and nutritious food. Purina’s Vice President said initially the “I Stand Behind Beneful” was something only within the company employees to invigorate their work ethic, and after it was so successful they decided to use it for the next ad campaign. The campaign has a TV commercial and digital and print ads of employees of Purina with their pets. More than 9.5 million homes feed their dogs Beneful, and last year nearly 1.5 billion Beneful meals were fed to 15 million happy, healthy dogs. Nestle Purina PetCare Company makes the Beneful dog food brand and cares highly about dogs and their well being. Beneful has a line of dry and wet dog foods. This was originally reported by PR Newswire. You can read the original article here.