Securus Technologies Promotes its Video Visitation Service through Informative Commercials

Securus Technologies has launched a new campaign for its video visitation technology. The company currently dominates in North America as a provider of public safety and criminal justice solutions. The new campaign seeks to promote Securus’ Video Visitation service that is being used in several US-based correctional facilities.


The Video Visitation Campaign


Richard Smith who serves as Securus’s chair and CEO said that the company’s Video Visitation would have several commercials about the importance of video visitation for 30 days. He also mentioned that the commercials target more than 160,000 people who visit inmates using the company’s Video Visitation service. Smith said that the service could be accessed from smartphones and desktops.


As the CEO of an established company, Smith pointed out that the Video Visitation service revolutionized the traditional methods people used when visiting their loved ones in jail. He said that the commercials emancipate people on why they should adopt video visitation instead of driving all the way to jail. Smith also mentioned that the service connects family members with their locked loved ones during birthday celebrations, Christmas, and other festivities. He said that inmates go through difficult times when locked up. Furthermore, they are relieved after communicating with their friends and family through the Video Visitation service.


About Securus Technologies


Securus’s innovations for correctional facilities have a long-lasting impact on the lives of inmates. The company has strengthened bonds between inmates and their friends and family through services such as Video Visitation. Securus’ head office is located in Dallas TX. The company boasts a client base of over 3000 law enforcement and corrections agencies. Over 1.2M inmates are also enjoying the company’s services and products. Securus’s vision is to serve by connecting clients with investigation, emergency response, and biometric analysis services. Securus also excels in incident management, Inmate self-service, information management, and communication solutions.



Securus Holds Up the Integrity Banner

In this day and age it is sad to say, but I am actually much more surprised when I see a company that is doing the right thing that I am when I come across a company that is not. That is the case with Securus. I have seen this company do a lot of things with inmate communication technology, and I see why this company is the best in this type of environment. This is a company that is upholding the technology communications banner for privacy with inmate communications.

There was a recent article that was posted on the Securus Technology website that gives a message to customers that may have been using Global Tel Link for their inmate communication needs. It is a report about how Global Tel Link may has made some violations to the standard that should be held in the business of inmate communication technology. I am glad that there is a company that has the integrity to make a stand and come out and highlight the violators of the law. It is so hard to trust a lot of companies in this day and age of corporate corruption. I feel that Securus has made the right move by bringing this type of information to light.

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Securus has been doing a great job when it comes to investigation technology for the Department of Corrections and communication technology for inmates. I have worked on the inside of a prison system, and I definitely think that the technology that Securus has in place has made the process of visitations much smoother. This company has a video visitation app and jail phone voicemail services that have really improved communication between family members and the inmates that they are visiting. This communication certainly improves the behavior of the inmates.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.