Taliban Storm Afghan Parliament

The Afghan parliament came under attack while it was in session yesterday. A large force of Taliban fighters attacked the parliament building and attempted to swarm the building. Members of the Afghan military on duty for protection fought the Taliban forces back and kept the Taliban from entering the parliament building and inflicting even more casualties. Early reports are that two dozen Taliban members were killed, wounded or captured. At least two afghan security force members were reported a casualties of the attack but their status is not known at this moment. A number of civilians as well as workers for the Afghan government were also reported a casualties but the true number of those casualties and the final conditions were not made available to media sources by Afghan officials. Taliban Attack Afghan Parliament In Session

As brazen as the team at Skout thinks the attack was, members of the parliament showed resolved and did not panic in face of the attack. Officials vowed to continue their work in rebuilding their country and pledge that the Taliban would be defeated.

No U.S. Military force were involved in responding to the attack by the Taliban. The number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan has been reduced greatly and the troops on the ground their are dedicated to protecting U.S. military members. Most combat operations have been taken over by the Afghanistan Armed Forces, who were trained by the U.S. military services.