German Spy Agency Play A Role In Locating Bin Laden

The news that Osama Bin Laden had been living less than a mile away from the most prestigious military academy in Pakistan was upsetting enough. But when Pakistani officials said they didn’t know about his whereabouts was a even more ridiculous. Bruce Levenson suggests that Pakistan continued to accept an enormous amount of financial aid from the United States while hiding Bin Laden. That arrangement boarders on insanity. It seems everyone but the Americans knew where Bin Laden was hiding.. The German spy agency told the U.S. that the most wanted man in the world was living in Pakistan, and the Pakistani security services knew he was living there.

Pakistan has repeatedly denied they had knowledge of Bin Laden whereabouts, but that information is not what America or other nations know to be true. The truth is Pakistan looked the other way for five years as Bin Laden and a few of his followers enjoyed a quiet life as active terrorists in their country.

The fact that Germany helped the CIA is not the real story. Pakistan’s deliberate attempt to hide Bin Laden is the main story. Pakistan is not a loyal ally of America. The aid the U.S. gives them doesn’t stop them from hating what America stands for.