4 Online Reputation Management Strategies From a Celebrity Publicist

Online Reputation Reviews and management is an important issue for any successful individual, especially those in the spotlight of fame. Celebrities often boost or maintain popularity or fame through online activities. According to an article posted by Entrepreneur there are four strategies for online management that are applicable to all individuals, not just celebrities. One tactic is “being bold with statements.” Directly stating comments or opinions opposed to being passive is a key element of online reputation management. This eliminates any sense of confusion or vague language that is open to interpretation. Online monitoring is also a large contributor to online reputation management. Individuals on any social media platform should think about monitoring any posts about themselves to make sure there are no negative comments. If your individual identity is being attacked, it is important to find the source. Online reputation management also includes defending yourself against negative claims. Individuals that do not monitor or respond to targeted negative posts can be seen as accepting guilt by not raising a defense.

In conclusion, it is very important to maintain an online reputation. In a society that is very technology based, the risk of negative reputation situations are very high. However, maintaining a presence across social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can ultimately be beneficial for managing an online reputation. Many strategies can be implemented to any individual, not just celebrities. This is an interesting aspect, because in terms of online reputation management, there are often many similarities regardless of social status.