Premium Pet Food Market Explodes

In the pet food marketplace these days, an ever growing segment is specialized high end dog and cat food. These brands offer healthy pet food that owners believe is on par with meals humans consume.

Ingredients like lamb or salmon have been added to pet food for years. But now the traditional big name pet food companies are making an effort to match upstart companies like Preshpet and Blue Beuffalo Co.
Now Colgate-Palmolive offers dog food that will help your pet lose weight. Nestle’s Purinastore has a website where pet owners can customize food blends with the desired nutritional ingredients. Nutro Farm’s Harvest Line features pet food laced with blueberries and cranberries.
Sales of premium dog food have soared 45 percent since 2009 to 10.5 billion dollars. The premium market now represents 50 percent of the total pet food market.
The big dog food companies are flexing their muscles in the premium market. Purina bought Marrick Pet Care, an organic maker of wet and dry dog food. Now there’s even a market for senior dogs. Purina has Bright Minds, which contains triglycerides that are formulated to make it easier for older dogs to metabolize.
Freshpet is taking a stab at producing refridgerated dog meals. They are sold in company cases in 15,000 stores, including Wal-Mart, Target, and Whole Food Markets.
An example of the new breed of dog food lines in Beneful. The company sells wet and dry dog foods plus dog treats. In 2012 Beneful was the fourth most popular dog food brand. Beneful sells on Amazon ( chopped food in trays. Incredibites are canned foods that feature chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice.
Beneful was launched in 2001. It was marketed as been nutritious for your dog and containing real beef. The company was promoted to the tune of a 34 million dollar Youtube campaign. It now has 1.5 billion dollars in annual sales.