Why Robert Ivy Wants More Architects to Join the AIA

Robert Ivy, the CEO of the AIA, or American Institute of Architects, is encouraging more professionals to join the association. While schools exist for the purpose of teaching, on the job training will also take care of itself. The one area many professionals should consider is joining a professional society such as the AIA. Why is this?


It all really depends upon the area in which you work. Some careers may offer more on the job training, but for those who want to travel up the ladder to higher ranks should consider what these societies can do for them at a professional level. There is always much more to learn once you begin to advance.


Educational programs may be the primary benefit of joining a professional society. Along with continuing education in some fields, it’s the latest research or other advanced areas of someone’s field that can benefit from more educational resources. Additionally, architects who choose to join the AIA can network with each other. This leaves it open as a way to find work now or in the future.


Societies have long been the one place that members can turn to for data, tools and resources, as well as for networking. The best part is that these societies work diligently to ensure that the information they make available is tailored to each members needs.


Robert Ivy, the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the AIA was named as the CEO in 2011. He was also nominated for the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. It was in 1996 that he became the Editor-in-Chief for the Architectural Record, also leading him into the realm of publishing. This was the icing on the professional cake for Robert Ivy as he was steering his career into new avenues.


There’s no doubt that Robert Ivy believes that the AIA can help other architects due the same through networking and attending professional events held by these associations. It’s also important to note that credibility is also endearing when one chooses to join these associations. It lets others know that you’re on the up and up.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: The Novel, The Satire, The Ideas and The Reviews from USA Today and EW

Sean Penn’s debut novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is not meant to sensationalize today’s political climate in the United States, but book reviews from Entertainment Weekly and USA Today can’t seem to help but compare the ideas in his new novel to the state of The Times in the US. It is a book that Sean Penn intends to be an entertainment, but as far as book reviews would state, the brilliance of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is that it can’t help but be compared to what’s happening in the country under the Trump administration.



Entertainment Weekly (EW) describes Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff as an entertainingly trippy read that makes readers scratch their head in disbelief at the ideas presented as well as the insanity of the actions of its protagonist. With a style that reviewers said to be comparable to Hunter S. Thompson and Thomas Pynchon, readers of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff would be fascinated by how relatable the political environment in the novel is and how the absurdity in Sean Penn’s story somehow speaks to general truths as a citizen of the modern world. EW also added that the writing style of Penn is ambitious, and is almost bordering to ingratiating, but it’s hard to argue that it’s a book that features all the political stand and personal worldviews of Penn himself.



The book is also described to be about a man named Bob who is a baby boomer doing odd jobs, including being a septic tank operator as well as an antisocial oddball that’s hired by special parties to exterminate compromising individuals. USA Today also described the book to be a dystopian narrative that feels like it describes the madness that is supposed to be experienced by many Americans today.


USA Today also highlighted the poems and unconventional writing styles that Penn wrote for Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Such structure is meant to give authenticity to the entire story of the book. The random verses of poetry spread about in the book also give the novel a feverish feel that gives the impression of clear-cut madness of the setting.



There’s also a highlight from USA Today on the ambitious, poetic, lyrical and definitely cerebral approach of the novel about the setting that Bob is in. The real world aspects contained in the novel is seen also by USA Today as a means to inject it with satire.

PSI-Pay works hand-in-hand with Kerv to Transform Alternative Banking Methods

Fintech companies are on the rise and PSI-Pay is leading the way. Clients have benefited greatly from the digital accounts they offer as well as the payment cards used in the international market. They have partnered with Kerv who provide alternative payment options to clients.

Their digital wallets are fast taking the place of the traditional wallets. Users no longer have to walk around with a lot of papers and cards as all these can be found in a single device. They guarantee the safety of ones money and transactions can be completed in an instant. Customers have little to worry about with the new technology as the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK oversees PSI-Pay’s activities.

The digital wallets in the European countries are not similar to those used in America. Young Americans have been attracted by the speed and security of this new service. They also get access to numerous currencies. Cryptocurrency funds have been used at some point after being converted into money.

Kerv’s team innovated the contactless payment ring that will be put to use in the partnership. PSI-Pay on the other hand will allow their Master-Card license to complete the transactions. Clients will enjoy this new service in close to 40 million locations across the globe. This has offered a suitable substitute to traditional banks.

The virtual card of Kerv facilitates online transactions while credit and debit cards will be used to load the accounts. Their founder, Phil Campbell, believes that their innovation will provide convenience to their clients. The range of payments that can be completed with this will also increase in a great way. They are banking on the experience and efficiency of PSI-Pay as far as problem solving is concerned.

PSI-Pay’s MD, Phil Davies, on the other hand is thrilled by the opportunity to work with Kerv. He categorizes Kerv among the top innovators in the alternative payment market. The fact that more and more clients are warming up to the innovation is welcome news to the two firms that hope to make the most of the change in attitude of the market.

The contactless payment ring has earned recognition among the banking professionals and recently received an award when the Temenos Innovation Jam was held.



Dr Saad Saad, MD a thoracic and pediatric surgeon is located in Eatontown, New Jersey. The doctor is associated with several hospitals in the region among them being Monmouth, University of Jersey Shore medical centers. Since his graduation from University of Cairo College of Medicine, he has had 34 years of experience in his specialization.


As a doctor, Saad has constantly been looking for ways to develop the present procedures and methods used in treating patients. He was often on the look for techniques to apply on his patients to ease pain and threats faced by patients with certain diseases. From this, Dr Saad Saad has come up with two medical designs and several surgical procedures.


One of Dr Saad Saad’s inventions was a device that locates the location of a catheter in one’s body. A catheter is a tube that serves several functions in one’s body in surgery. The catheter tubes are used to treat specific medical conditions or aid to surgical procedures through body insertion. These tubes help in draining fluids and gases, accessing surgical instruments and any other task depending on its design. For catheters to be correctly located in a patient’s body, doctors need to perform an X-ray or MRI scan. With frequent exposure to X-rays, one is at risks of several illnesses caused by the radiation. MRI machines, on the other hand, are an unfeasible option due to their large size.


Dr Saad Saad device works on the principle of electromagnetism. With the electromagnetic nature of the catheter, that is it tip contains a magnetic permeable coil, and itself contains wires inside its walls. This feature allows doctors to use an external tracking device that when scanned from the outside of the patient’s body, sends a signal to the magnetic material in the catheter. When the tracking device is directly perpendicular to the tip of the catheter, theirs is a small output voltage produced. This voltage sparks the wires and simultaneously producing some light in the external device. This light enables the doctor to know the position of the catheter. This invention has helped doctors avoid the use of X-rays and MRI scans in catheter location.


Besides the tracking device, Dr Saad Saad has also invented another device to improve the endoscope used. Endoscopes are devices that are used in surgery or examination to view the patients inside the body. There are used to view the inside the stomach, colon, windpipe and throat. Due to the liquids in a human body, endoscopes are sometimes clogged, and this needs frequent adjusting of the focal length by the doctor. Dr Saad Saad device is used as a suction irrigation device that aids in unclogging of the endoscope without the doctor’s help. This device has been used severally around the world in many surgeries with success. Learn more: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad


Why You Should be interested in Honey Birdette’s Re-definitions of Fashion through Unique Lingerie

The Australian-based lingerie brand Honey Birdette is set to launch its United States e-commerce portal. Additionally, it has revealed plans to increase its presence in the United Kingdom, by raising their portfolio from the current three stores up to around 40 by the end of 2018. The brand was founded in Brisbane by reckoned entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan in 2006, which led him to set a U.S site. Following a surge in their sales, it recorded a 374 % increase in the online sales in only one year. The new platform is said to bring a host of new consumer experiences, with faster purchases, free delivery, and extensive product varieties.

The main areas of interests
Honey Birdette is seeking to tap into the potential of both the American and UK retail openings. The trend is clear, which is to open as many international branches as possible. The first outside store was opened in London’s Covent Garden, with two more additions in Westfield White City and Leeds’s Victoria Gate (Australia).

The brand has made the revelation that it already has ten retail openings lined up for the UK. The primary markets are Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, and five more, which will be identified with time. Premium labels start at around £35 for briefs and £60 for bras.

About Honey Birdette
Honey Birdette is a sales firm based in Australia specializing in lingerie, outfits and fashion designers. Its presence in the international market is increasing rapidly since most of the sales are made online. Some of the designers are bought as a set, and they include:
• The red suspended set
• Bustier set
• Red robe
• Diana set and much more

Honey Birdette offers its customers a fantastic aesthetic with set-based model shopping. Their sites are easy to use, with their user lists being user-friendly. Honey Birdette is becoming not only a brand but an international sensation for fashion lovers and the artists, men, and women included.

Agora Financial Presents: The Story Of Bob

Bob has had a long career as a dentist and is ready to retire. He’s concerned that his nest egg isn’t going to be sufficient after he leaves the workforce. He does have a surplus of cash that he wants to invest in his future. He also has to consider that he needs more than one dental procedure.

Bob isn’t financially literate. For instance, he doesn’t know what a financial bubble is or know how to analyze market trends, but he is intelligent. He wants to steer his own ship and doesn’t want to interact with a broker. He felt that what brokers do for him he could do for himself.

Bob began to do research and felt overwhelmed. How does he sift through the information he was coming across? When information is conflicting what source should he trust?

For more than 10 years Agora Financial has helped readers securely increase their financial status by utilizing:
* Newsletters
* Online Publications
* Books
* Seminars
* Documentaries

How Successful is Their Program?
They have over 1 million readers on board with the program. They provide more than 20 individualized publications for you to excel. All of their research is absolutely objective.

Agora Financial analyze every angle of the industry and assist you their experts include:
*Harvard Trained Geologist
*Self- Made Billionaire
*Bond Expert
*Best Selling Author
*Film Maker
*Hedge Fund Manager

Agora Correct Predictions:
*1999 Gold Rise
*2004 Mortgage Crisis
*2007 Oil Hike
*2008 Biotechnology Boom

Bob was able to not only avoid the above pit falls but to thrive and manage his financial status.

Who is Agora Financial?
They have been a trail blazer in the financial publishing industry for more than 25 years.

They offer independent economic knowledge via online publications, print, e-books, films, and conferences. Their editors are unbiased and have been recognized by premier companies.

A look at Bruce Bent II and His Achievements

Money markets are rapidly developing as the arena shifts from offices to online platforms. Success in the financial market requires ingenious interventions and adaptation of effective strategies driving success. In such a market, having the best on your side guarantees exceptional performance and continued company growth.

Brice Bent II is a top financial expert and has pioneered in some asset management and cash related solutions for banks, brokers, and the retail market. Bent notes that his father shaped his innovative edge and acknowledged that some of Double Rock’s ideas evolved from his father’s ideas. Over the years, Bent has developed an exemplary track record and is renowned as a great financial consultant.

Bent has worked in various capacities in the financial market but is most recognized for his role in revolutionizing some money-market institution. As President of The Reserve, Bent’s leadership transformed the organization and allowed it to diversify and expand exponentially. Within the 17 year period that he was there, assets under management shot up from $4 billion to a whopping $130 billion.

The Reserve’s eventual liquidation was carefully managed by Bent in 2008 after the financial crisis. Currently, Bent holds the title of President and vice chairman for Double Rock Corporation, a prominent authority in technology and financial services. Further, he is accorded a senior executive position in Double Rock’s subsidiary companies.

The six wholly-owned firms including patent licensing Island Intellectual Property LLC and retirement market innovator Access Control Advantage LLC are authorities in their respective markets. Focusing on diversification, Bent has and is dealing with intellectual property, asset management, healthcare financing, consumer goods, product development, Branding, budgeting and a host of finance-related aspects.

Bent contributed immensely to the optimization of the Access Control Advantage loan scheme thus reducing loan borrowing by about 25% among plan members. In acknowledgment of his skills, he was featured in Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs. As an expert in intellectual property, he boasts of over 60 patents describing the financial services offered by a new company developed from Double Rock.

For more information on Bruce Bent II follow him on Twitter @bbent_ii

Oil has been struck

Oil has said to of been struck right off the coast of Mexico by a private companies first exploration well. They was later able to announce that about 37 miles from Puerto Dos Bocas that they had made a significant oil discovery. The well is said to of been able to of reached 11,000 feet. That means that it is estimated that there is atleast 1.4 billion barrels of oil said to be in the well. The discovery that has been made by Talos is said to be one of the best achievements so far by Mexicos Energy Reform.

There has recently been news about more oil being discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. The new discovery could indeed produce up to 2bn barrels of oil. Talos Energy, a US company, and Sierra Oil & Gas, a mexican firm, were the 2 companies that came across the discovery. The discovery was described by Talos as being historic and sigificant. Two years after the Mexican government had opened up the countrys oil sector for only private bidders for amazeingly the first time in 80 years, is when the discovery was made.

Another huge oil discovery was said to of been made right off the coast of Mexico. This discovery brought in nearly 2 billion barrels of oil and was made in shallow waters. Analysts and company executives have both said that this discovery will hopefully bring more interest in the drilling South of the U.S boarder. Pablo Medina has said that Zama comes in as being one of the 15 or 20 largest shallow-water discoveries made in the past 20 years. They are hoping to be able to continue making new discoveries and know in time that they will. As long as they keep going like they are there is no telling where they will end up.

For more information follow Talos Energy on Facebook.

What Bruce Bent has to Say about Success in Business

Bruce Bent is a graduate of the North Eastern University, where he attained a BSC in Philosophy. He has worked in various financial management firms with the most prominent being the Reserve. The Reserve was one of the major providers of money for the primary capital markets around the world. He is a graduate of the North Western University where he studied philosophy. He is currently the president of Double Rock, a financial services company started by his father and a friend of his in 1970. Bruce recently spoke to Ide Mensch about the journey he has taken to his current position in his father’s company and below are some of the things he had to say.

When asked how a typical day in his life looks like, Bruce stated that the most important part of his day is when he gets an opportunity to speak with his clients. He added that he feels lucky to have held the leadership position in the company at a time when it is so easy to communicate with customers from all walks of life, regardless of where he is.

When asked how he brings ideas to life at the company, Bruce Bent revealed that one of the best practices he had learned from his father was the value of always having talented people on his team and making sure they are well compensated for their talent. He added that when a business leader ignores the voices of those individuals who are creative, he will have great ideas, but they will never really come to life.

Then, he was asked about the trend that excites him the most, and he stated that the fact that he can communicate with anyone in any part of the world and at a time that is convenient for him was one of the most interesting things about technology. He concluded the interview by revealing that if he could speak to his younger self, Bruce would diversify the types of experiences and investments that he does. Bruce Bent is one of the names that will be relevant in the business innovation circles for many years.

For more information on Bruce Bent II follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

About NuoDB – SQL Database for Cloud Applications

NuoDB is an advanced SQL database management system for cloud applications. This system works in both cloud and container based environments. It is designed to satisfy present and past database requirements while adapting to future technologies.

This database offers many great features, including migrating existing applications to the NuoDB cloud. The in-database processing allows the user to migrate existing application code. One of the best features offered is the ability to customize the database to customer specifications.

Disaster recovery is built into the database, keeping the application safe in case of system failure. The all inclusive features of NuoDB allow the user to save time and money on database maintenance. NuoDB is a smart choice for companies in need of cloud based database management system, offering the simplicity and adaptability of hybrid cloud systems combined with the consistency and durability of traditional databases. NuoDB allows potential clients to test drive the application to see how it works before purchasing.