Joseph Bismarck Seeks to Unite Spirituality and Business

As long as business has been a major enterprise of humankind, there have been critics who say that spirituality cannot coexist with money-making. This issue has been widely debated for centuries. Some people feel that you have to ignore your spiritual nature in order to succeed in business.

Joseph Bismark, the chairman of QI Group of Companies, is out to change that idea once and for all. Bismark has led an interesting life, as I found when I read the post about him at the Just Judy and Her Dog blog. When he was only nine years old he became a monk in the Philippines. He took the name Japa Das and lived in an ashram exclusively until he was 17 years of age. At that age, he realized that it was his sincere wish to enter corporate life.

In 2008, he was named Managing Directory for QI Group of Companies. He founded QNET later that year. Bismark is a big believer in self-empowerment. QNET follows a direct selling business model which focuses on its distributors advancing through hard work and development of their skills. The organization has been growing rapidly and now has distributors in over 100 companies.

Despite embracing the culture of business, he has never let go of his spiritual leanings and base. He is a qualified yoga instructor. He’s also known specifically for being a bonsai master. Last, he is well-known for being a Vedic philosopher. As part of his quest to help others, he also engages extensively in philanthropy. He resides in the nation of Singapore, where he’s able to manage company operations. He is an avid author of both blog posts and books.

QNET has expanded rapidly and is looking to move its manufacturing operations to India. Distributors are recruited to sell products to others and to recruit others into the organization.

Joseph Bismark loves to inspire others to become entrepreneurs. He blogs regularly at “Gems of Wisdom” about matters of personal growth. His goal is to continue to grow spiritually and from a business standpoint as well as to help others do the same.