How Angela Koch Followed An Unconventional Path To Become The CEO Of U.S. Money Reserve

Angela Koch is the chief executive officer of Austin, Texas-based U.S. Money Reserve. Her company sells silver, gold, and platinum products to people across the United States.

These products are government-issued coins, bullions, and bars. They have helped more than 500,000 people purchase these products over the years. Her background isn’t anything like that of the typical CEO, though.

After completing high school she went to college. She had to drop out of school, though. She soon got married and had a child. Her then-husband, a golf pro, was studying to become a pro at a golf club.

This meant that she needed to find work. She worked at two or three jobs at a time in a number of industries. Since she didn’t have a college degree or any real skills it was challenging but she made it work.

She started to understand what she was good at and what she wasn’t. What she was good at turned out to be learning data and analyzing it. She was working for a Jewish Foundation (she’s Christian) when she had the opportunity to join KLA-Tencor. Read more: Angela Koch US Money Reserve | Forbes and US Money Reviews | Glassdoor

This is a company supplies capital equipment to companies in the semiconductor industry. Her mentor there happened to own a ranch that raised Kobe beef quality cattle.

This mentor asked Angela Koch if she knew how he would go about getting his ranch certified as a one that doesn’t use hormones on its cattle. She liked the work and created a process that other ranchers still follow. This led to her joining U.S. Money Reserve where she put the same sort of skills to work.

U.S. Money Reserve is comprised of a team of industry professionals such as coin researchers and numismatic experts. She helped to build a system that put everything together at this firm includes sales and marketing.

She built processes that they use in their customer service department to this day. For example, everyone that calls this company can speak to an account executive who will help them figure out what product will best fit their needs.

She has some rules in place that help her grow U.S. Money Reserve. The first of these rules is to never look back. If you make a decision, execute it because if you dawdle you’ll be worse off. Second, she says she looks at her life like a basket.

She wants her life to be evenly balanced so that she gets out of life what she wants personally and professionally, Third, identify your strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to know your strengths and don’t try to be anyone other than yourself.

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