David McDonald, president of OSI

David McDonald operates as the Chief Operating Officer and President at OSI Group Food Company. He is also the chairman of North America Institute Meat Association. David has boosted the growth of OSI group meat association at large. He operates in Brazil and Europe and is a member of OSI Group’s board of directors. In other words, David McDonald is the Managing Director of International foods limited in Australia. David is skilled in many areas such as diet and safety, supply food management, cross-functional team management, marketing strategy and food science. He is a good example of what many food companies are looking for in growth.

Mr. David has a Bachelors degree in animal and science From the Lowa State University. In 1992, OSI Food Company began to supply David McDonald with food. From this point, there was a great change in the growth of china’s Economy. Since that time to date, OSI group is among the best food supplies Europe, Brazil, and several other parts of the world.

David has been of great help to OSI team. In 2016/2017, OSI released a sustainability report of performance. This report clearly said that David McDonald was behind its success and improvement. David is committed to supplying of OSI foods, social responsibility, and environment.

The idea of OSI including Baho Food in their Business was one way of presenting OSI in Europe. OSI has grown strong, and this is according to David, the Chief executive officer of OSI group.

In 2008, OSI team in China supplied more than 100 tons of various food products to Olympic Games. These games took place in Beijing. Some of the foods provided are eggs, dehydrated onions, onions, pork, eggs, chicken, and beef. David Mcdonald OSI Group was the first person to appreciate this action of OSI and was followed by Beijing Olympic Community.

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