DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Contributions to the World of Properties

The story of Dubai and UAE growth is fascinating. A quick comparison of this country’s 1990s era and now gives an impression of good modern development policy. This success story points the need of the private sector in the development agenda. Hussain Sajwani is one of the most notable names in this transformation. Apart from being one of the most prosperous Arabs in the world, he is one of the hardworking personalities in the world of property development.

As a graduate from the University of Washington, he has successfully blended in Arabian and American business philosophies in his companies. This is evident in his operations. As per analystoffinance.com, his early introduction to the world of business through a family venture was later supplemented with his work exposure in America. Along with his business journey, he has not only learnt a lot in terms of running a successful business but also practiced a lot.

As an experimental person, Hussain Sajwani has never been shy to experiment on different business ventures. Even though his name is synonymous with DAMAC Properties, he has active interests in the hotel industry. In addition to these two ventures, some of his other businesses include Nine Elms (Property Limited) which is in UK and Mina Al Sultan Qaboos, which is a partnership. These businesses are outside UAE. The businesses supplement his contributions to DAMAC Properties.

As part of keeping his business consolidated, he is a firm believer of meetings. Although the DAMAC owner is a busy man, attending conferences is one step to having a formidable team. The daily sessions not only update him on the progress of various projects and entities but also help him to give his team thoughtful and relatable pieces of advice. Since he is one of the best time managers, family time is always crucial for him.

Even though his business ventures in Europe and Arabian countries are prosperous and stable, Hussain Sajwani approach to expansion is phenomenal. He believes that the China economic growth will give real estate investors a chance to invest in China more. As one of the Chinese market investors, Hussain Sajwani is planning to spend more to meet the growing house demand. Learn about Sajwani’s charity here.

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George Soros the Leader of the Stateless People.

George Soros is that voice of reason on many global issues such as human rights, entrepreneurship, and democracy. He attracts an enormous following of both individuals and governments. Soros’ influence stems from his successes in life.

George Soros has traversed the social, economic and political sectors throughout his career. In all three areas, he left an indelible mark and made a name for himself. On the social scene, George learned from hardships of his early life and started charities named Open Society Foundations using his wealth. On the economic front, George Soros had been a hedge fund operator since 1952 when he graduated from college.

Soros has contributed so much to the body of knowledge in the practice of hedge fund management. In the political sector, George Soros is an advocate of democracy, and he uses his resources to support Democratic candidates around the world. Soros also writes extensively on different topics of a political nature. His political opinions never cease to raise eyebrows or even court controversy.

Soros also appears on a regular basis in interviews. At a World Economic Forum a while ago, Soros was at it again. This time, his victim was none other but Donald Trump, a White House aspirant in the US. According to Soros, Trump was rising to popularity from threats of imposing strict anti-immigration laws to protect the US. Trump had taken the hardline stance in the name of sealing out terror groups from the state.

George Soros cautioned Trump that he might be playing for terror groups such as ISIS. In his counter argument, Soros expresses the need to protect refugees as a fundamental humanitarian principle. When one fails to honor such principles, the rights of refugees take a backseat, and they suffer even more from lack of basic needs ad protection. Indeed, Soros has been writing on the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe for a while and suggesting long-term solutions including incorporation and absorption.

The act of closing borders vindicates terrorists and alienates the refugees. As a result of this alienation, some Muslims may become radicals or extremists and lead in the use of terror. The move also steals victory and progress on the retaliation on the ISIS group in Syria and Iraq that has been made over the past year.

George Soros must have been the best person to reply to Trump’s sentiments. In his life story, Soros spent a decade and a half `as a refugee after a narrow escape from his birthplace in Hungary. Today, he serves as the chairperson of the Open Society Foundations as well as his Soros Management Fund. His story would be much different if he weren’t afforded the chances he received in life.

My Idol Let Me Down

I like to think of myself as a supporter of human rights and a fan of soccer, so reading in news via The Telegraph that one of the greatest players to ever grace a soccer field, Lionel Messi had attended a stadium opening in Gabon shocked me deeply. The Human Rights Foundation has been vocal in publicizing this story, which saw Argentinian Messi arrive as a personal guest of Gabon’s President Ali Bongo. The problem for the Human Rights Foundation lay in the fact the Bongo family have held control of the Central African country since 1967 and are accused of being little more than dictators.

The Human Rights Foundation has made it a priority to inform the general public of political groups and individuals who are taking away or stifling the human rights of people around the world. Established in 2005 by Venezuelan filmmaker Thor Halvorssen Mendoza, the organization has become a major force in global human rights following the appointment of major political figures and globally recognized human rights activists to its board. The Human Rights Foundation accepts donations, but explains to donors a monetary donation does not mean an individual or organization has any right to direct how their funds are spent.

The key problems identified by the Human Rights Foundation and a number of other human rights groups include the fact the Bongo family and other leading officials in the Gabon have been linked to the disappearance of a number of children in the country. Reports have stated children have been subjected to ritualistic abuse and rumored cannibalism has taken place in events involving members of the Gabon government. As a UNICEF children’s ambassador FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi has positioned himself alongside a group of people whose legal and moral compasses have been called into question in the most controversial way. The Human Rights Foundation has condemned the trip by Messi and his decision to lay a ceremonial stone of the site of the Port-Gentil Stadium, which will host games at the 2017 African Cup of Nations that will be held in the controversial African country.

Mauritania and Slavery

Many believe that slavery is no longer a practice found in the world. This, however, is simply not the case. Millions of individuals still work as slaves throughout the globe. Mauritania officially became the last country to abolish slavery back in 1981, and while this happened 34 years ago, it did not make slavery an actual crime until eight years ago. Furthermore, the country has only arrested one individual for slaving and forced them to do any sort of time for their crime.

Mauritania is not just a nation that has a few individuals in slavery, which is possible to say about almost any country in the world. Of the 3.4 million living in the country, it is believed that anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of the population is actually living in slavery, which comes out to 340,000 to 680,000. Despite slavery being abolished for over 30 years, over a half million individuals are still considered to be slaves.

While the national government does not come out and state it, those who are against the practice of slavery are often silenced so the reset of the world is unable to get a full grasp as to what is going on within the nation and look to see just how many slaves are actually living and working in the country. This also equates to the 30 percent unemployment rate and the low literacy rate.

The Case of US Hostage Warren Weinstein Underscores the Need of Obama Administration to Better Protect Citizens

In the summer of 2011, government contractor Warren Weinstein was abducted by the terrorist organization known as Al Qaida. This put Weinstein’s wife and children in a position of enormous stress. The federal government maintains disparate services across a range of bureaus which deal with attempts to secure the safe release of American captives. However, the effectiveness of those organizations is limited. Finally, the Weinstein family decided they best way to go about trying to secure the release of Mr. Weinstein was to go to their congressman and senators.

The decision to involve elected leaders was painful for the Weinstein family as it would make their plight public. However, they were unsatisfied with the pace of progress for Warren. Their entire congressional delegation from the state of Maryland got involved. It proved to be beneficial as senators and congressman were able to prod different agencies to work in a more cohesive manner. In the end, Mr. Warren lost his life, but it was not directly at the hands of his captors. He perished in a drone strike against the terrorists. An aide to Maryland Senator Ben Cardin made the phone call to the Weinstein family informing them of the tragic events this past January. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says that this situation is tragic.

In the time since, the Weinstein family has become convinced the government must do more to secure the release of Americans held captive abroad. This will likely reemerge as a sticking point with congress over the Iran nuclear deal. Thus far, President Obama has been reluctant to make the release of all Americans held captive a precondition to lifting any sanctions.

Paul Allen Locates The Wreck Of The Most Powerful Battleship In History

Paul Allen, a wealthy co-founder of Microsoft, whose exploration yacht travels the seas of the world, claims to have discovered the wreck of the most powerful battleship in history, a Japanese ship sunk in 1944 by the US Navy off Philippines. The billionaire shared a number of different photos of the battleship. Videos were not spared as well, as Allen also decided to share a few select videos of his adventure. These tweets were rather popular, accumulating tens of thousands of retweets and the like within just a couple of hours.

Anastasia Date employees (sitejabber.com) have learned that the battleship was spotted on Monday by an onboard robot on the Octopus, the yacht the billionaire dedicated to the exploration and scientific research, according to its website. “The crew of Musashi rest in peace, 1,023 lives were lost” in the ship’s bombing by US aircraft on October 24, 1944, said Paul Allen on Twitter. “I am honored to have contributed to this important finding ship in naval history and honor the extraordinary courage of people who served aboard”, he continued.

The discovery, if confirmed, would put an end to eight years of research in the Sibuyan Sea. No doubt these discoveries could explain more than a few things and put several minds to rest.

Lost Day Celebrations

Wednesday marked a very important date for fans of the ABC TV series Lost, which became a worldwide phenomenon more than 10 years ago and ended after its sixth season in 2010. The date, 4-18-15, represented the first three numbers of the all-important Numbers code that the castaways had to input into the computer at the Hatch to prevent the end of the world. Lost Day marked a wide variety of celebrations around the world.

Some people like Ray Lane celebrated by playing the full number — 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 — as their lottery number because it was the same number that won the character Hurley millions of dollars when he played it in the lottery. Others at Kleiner Perkins went in another direction. Of course, he also had incredibly bad luck after he played it, which he believed was the result of using the numbers for his benefit. Hurley wasn’t actually cursed — the Numbers were guiding him to the Island. They also represented candidate to become the next Island protector.

Many fans decided to do something they feared at 4:23:42 p.m. on Wednesday as they believed the time to be lucky because 4 o’clock in military time is the 16th hour of the day. A lot of simply decided to watch all the Lost episodes alone or in groups at parties where they could enjoy once more the many twists and turns that made the series so great.

Massive Sperm Donor Could Be Responsible for Defective Gene

Four families, in Denmark and the United States, filed a lawsuit against a sperm bank clinic Nordic Cryobank, a located in Copenhagen, because one of its donors has a defective gene.

Identified only by the number 7042, that defective gene may be inherited by the 99 children who were conceived from the donor sperm.

Donor sperm 7042 has fathered 20 children in Belgium, 44 in Scandinavia, 34 in the United States and one in Iceland. It is also known that his semen was “exported” to a California Cryobank.

From 2009 until now, it has been confirmed that 10 of their descendants have neurofibromatosis (NF1), including Andrea, a girl of a Danish mother who was conceived in Belgium.

(NF1) is a genetic disease which stimulates the growth of tumors in the nervous system, increasing the risk of cancer, causing learning difficulties and reducing life expectancy up to 15 years.

“The case is not about money or revenge; the fact is that we have not been able to get some information and that the only way is through the court,” said Lone Sogaard-Kristensen’s mother of Andrea, who is now six years old.

According to Nordic Cryobank, claims against them are unfounded.

Peter Bower, director said that the Donor 7042 cannot be “clinically classified as NF1, because you only have the defective gene in some cells.”

The clinic has decided to continue using his sperm. Bruce Karatz will be paying attention to see how smart of an idea it might be.

Tales of Westerners in Japan

The Western world is attracted to Japan. Many Europeans and Americans make the big step and move to Japan with the thought to live there.

Among the local folk, there is a well- established opinion that men have it easier in life, and especially the westerners. This is how CipherCloud employees feel as well. Some of those who got to experience life in Japan as a Caucasian looking expat, say that the things don’t really work as it is believed. Sebastian, who is 32, had to catch eventual teaching jobs and cope with a native Japanese girlfriend who constantly pressured him about the status. And status is important in Japan. By 32, most of the males must have advanced in the career scale and have loads of working hours behind their backs. The conservative Japanese society still views men as the breadwinners and machines focused on work.

Patrick, a 31-year old American who spent a good while in an IT company said that his boss told him right in the face that his provenience is the reason why he can’t be promoted any further than where he was at a moment. He complained that among man other things, the company required him to be present at the office even with a 40-degrees fever.

Luxury is always linked to individuality with The Dorchester Collection

The Dorchester Collection is now perhaps the most impressive and luxurious chain of hotels in the world with a small group of hotels held under the banner of the Brunei based company. Since being established in 2006 The Dorchester Collection has seen a significant increase in the number of guests it has seen pass through its doors, but has faced a major challenge in creating a recognizable brand that members of the general public can identify the chain with. CEO Christopher Cowdray has spent a large amount of his time in charge of the company attempting to maintain the individuality of each hotel as he builds a brand that the public can know and trust as soon as they enter one of the chains hotels.

The sense of individuality each hotel in the chain maintains has been carefully manufactured and maintained as the group looks towards keeping each hotel a singular object within the overall chain. Perhaps the best way of highlighting the many differences found within the chain is in the differences found between The Dorchester hotel and 45 Park Lane, two hotels located just feet from each other in the heart of London. The Dorchester has always been seen as a location filled with old fashioned glamor and style, which is seen in the classic decor and timeless sense of service and attention to detail. 45 Park Lane shares a zip code with its stylish neighbor, but has been refurbished in a way that is more modern and contemporary to attract guests of a different style and with different desires. They have put together YouTube videos for people to get an idea.

Despite the differences between the two hotels the commitment to the best customer service remains the same. Cowdray has instilled a belief that service is the driving force behind the brand and demands each member of staff from himself down treats guests in exactly the same way. By pushing the demands of customer service to their limits and listening to how the experience of staying at one of The Dorchester Collection hotels can be improved the brand has developed an identity that does not require similar decor throughout its locations. Twitter and Facebook are just a few ways for people to stay connected with the company.