Charity and Leadership

This world is a harsh and unforgiving place, and there is always a desire for charitable individuals and organizations to take the lead in order to attempt to make Earth a better place to live on. One of these organizations, Highland Capital Management, provides not only over three million dollars in donations to charities worldwide, but they also provide excellent, and moral, services to those who are looking for a powerful ally in the financial world.

With philanthropy as one of the key goals and focuses on Highland, CEO and chief executive, James Dondero, seeks to provide leadership and advice to other companies and organizations seeking guidance in the same area. Dondero is a founding father of Highland Capital Management, and is in charge of strategic investments and operational initiatives in the company.

Dondero has a very impressive resume, cultivated through years of experienced leaderships roles with Highland Capital Management along with other financial based corporations. A financial guru of sorts, Dondero has quickly risen through the ranks of professional investors and has become a leading force, both to managerial professionals and to philanthropists in general who are seeking ways to do more for their fellow man.

The main charitable brain child of Highland is the Dallas Foundation, which supports veterans causes, healthcare and educational costs in the Dallas area. The foundation not only supports organizations like local zoos, libraries and museums, they also provide leadership training and managerial mentorship to employees of those organizations, which makes Highland Capital Management not only a prime member of the “giving” community, but also a virtual academy for professions to better develop their trade.


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