Chris Christie Faces Uphill Climb If He Wants to Be President

Three Republicans presidential hopefuls have already jumped in the race over the past couple weeks. Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio have all officially declared, which leaves a few more that every pundit believes will run but have not publicly declared their candidacy yet. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush are expected to announce their intention to run for president soon. They each have their downsides. Jeb Bush will suffer from “name fatigue” before he even declares. Especially if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, which nearly everyone like Kevin Seawright expects to be the case, it will seem like 1992 all over again with a Clinton vs. Bush election. Gov. Chris Christie had his “bridge-gate” scandal, and now he may have another problem to further hamper any presidential aspirations.

According to a recent poll, 70 percent of voters in New Jersey do not think their own governor would make a good president. When trying to get the whole country’s electorate to like you, it does not help that he can’t even get some love from his current electorate. Let’s face it, Chris Christie does have a “love him or hate him” personality. Some people admire his gruffness and sometimes too aggressive straight talk, and some consider him a bully. There is now an accusation as well about him having failed to pay taxes on a fairly large sum of money. Additionally, he is not the favorite even among many Republicans that he was in 2012 as he is considered to be too moderate. Of all the declared and potential candidates, he may have the biggest uphill battle.

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