Crowdfunded Startup, MAGFAST, Innovates the Charging Experience

One of the inconveniences of modern life is having to carry around the mess of chargers and cables that power all our different devices. MAGFAST is a crowdfunded startup that was launched in 2017 to provide a solution to this problem. The company’s very passionate CEO is Seymour Segnit, who co-founded MAGFAST with his wife, Amy. Segnit was already familiar with this space because he had previous experience as CEO of a company making chargers. He decided it was time to design a better charger because of his own bad experiences, and MAGFAST was born. The company’s goal is to innovate the charging process with a reliable wireless charger that connects to devices magnetically.

When the company launched its crowdfunding campaign, it was able to achieve its $300,000 goal within 15 minutes. This remarkable performance was a reflection of just how much interest there was for a better charging solution. MAGFAST went on to create a product that directly addressed the shortcomings of other chargers on the market. The system, called MAGFAST Family, includes several power banks that function either individually or together to quick-charge a wide variety of devices. The key to MAGFAST’S ability to deliver a genuinely wireless charge is its use of powerful magnets. Each power bank also comes with a built-in cable that is replaceable and self-stored, ensuring a sleek design with no mess of wires. While the system does include a special charger for the Apple Watch, MAGFAST intends to be universal, and its main chargers have built-in compatibility with most brands. Another product in the system, the Life Charger Extreme, is a portable charger so powerful that it can even jumpstart a car.

MAGFAST’s slogan “changing charging for good” refers to more than just the company’s innovation of the charging experience. The company has committed to planting a tree every time they sell one of their products.

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