Dick DeVos Education Free Fund

Dick DeVos is the Man behind The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. An organization that came in place through Dicks DeVos and d his Wife Betsy Devos. The Couple was inspired by the legacy of their parents to have a concern about local people and Community as a norm that was started by grandparents to serve people as a faithful steward. The Foundation has allied partners that act as a bridge between Dick foundation and global locations by ensuring growth and sustainability.


Dick Devos was raised in Michigan and grew in a family that had Complex business enterprises and while schooling he had the opportunity study while working. Dick is married to Betsy and has four children who have taken the passion for pursuing business professional. Dick attend his A- level education at Hill Forest School which is a Public School. He graduated from Northwestern University and started his career in family Business at middle-entry level position serving in Managerial position within different departments at Amway International. Later in 1984, Dick DeVos got higher position serving as the Vice President where he led the Company to reach 18 countries globally.


After Amway Corporation, Mr. Dick got high-ranked Job at Orlando Magic basketball franchise as the President and CEO in 1984. He served for Seven years in Orlando and returned to Amway International with a wealth of experience and expertise that made him increase sales massively and gained more profits for the Company.


Dick DeVos started an Education Free Fund initiative at Michigan Aviation Academy that was formed to help disadvantaged children with tuition-free fund from Michigan. The high school offers an education program that pays attention to aviation industries with the ambition to equip students with an experience that will extend their career opportunities. The school has grown to a level of accommodating 500 students


Dick DeVos passion to invest in Aviation industry is behind the support of his wife, Betsy DeVos and the interest in Aviation sector as he was won twice Champion in National Sailor. He is a qualified pilot specializing in Jets and Helicopter.

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