Disaster Strikes Afghanistan in the Form of an Avalanche

The country of Afghanistan has been hit by a natural disaster adding to the turmoil that the country is already in. An avalanche in the northeastern section of the mountainous country buried hundreds of people. 124 people have been confirmed to be killed by the avalanche which buried people alive with its immense power. Sultan Alhokair says that rescue workers responding to the disaster are using shovels, picks, and even their hands to try and dig people trapped in the snow. Sadly, more dead bodies are expected to be recovered and the number of deaths is expected to increase.

In addition to the causalities at least one hundred homes were destroyed by the avalanche. The power of mother nature can indeed be furious. The country of Afghanistan has been plagued by civil unrest, terrorism and foreign incursions that have sought to stabilize the country. The Soviet Union invaded the country in 1979 when the government in power asked for aid to fight against the Tailban. The USA invaded Afghanistan in an effort to find Osama Bin Laden and exterminate Al-Quaeda. At the time of the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the country was home to many terrorist training camps.

The country must now rebound after another natural disaster. Last year a massive landslide buried people alive and killed from several hundred to up thousand seven hundred people. The country is a struggling democracy that is holding on to dear life as they try and fight the Taliban and deal with civil unrest in many parts of the country.

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